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BBA/MPA Alumni Advisory Board

BBA-MPA Alumni Advisory Board
The McCombs BBA/MPA Alumni Advisory Board leads a network of 67,000 McCombs alumni, one of the largest alumni bases of any business program in the world. The board oversees strategic initiatives at McCombs, encourages alumni involvement and giving, and strives to make the MPA and undergraduate experience better for current and future students. The board has 28 members, each a leader in the business world throughout North America. Each has a passion to give back and make McCombs a better place. 

2015 Rising Star Leadership Award

The Rising Star Leadership Award is presented to a graduating McCombs BBA or MPA student who has proven an established commitment to service within the McCombs School through (1) outstanding scholarship and achievements and (2) exemplary leadership and community involvement. The recipient demonstrates significant growth potential as a future leader in the McCombs community.

The recipient of this award displays the core values of strong character, an ethical and principled approach to leadership and, most importantly, a genuine interest in making the McCombs School a better place beyond just his or her undergraduate and/or MPA years at the University.

The recipient will work with the McCombs BBA/MPA Alumni Advisory Board beginning in the fall of 2015. This award is administered by the Student Interaction Committee of the McCombs BBA/MPA Alumni Advisory Board.

Students interested in applying can find the application here

Jeff Duchin, BBA '98

At-Large Board Members

Jim Allred, BBA '86 Pamela Friedman, BBA '87  David Murrell, BBA '01
Todd Batson, BBA ‘04 Adam Gauvin, MPA '05 Michael Pappert, BBA '79
Emily Benigno, BBA ’11 Chris Hardesty, BBA '08 Erin Patten, BBA '07
Lisa Blonkvist, BBA ’79 Kyle Herman, BBA '97 Daron Peschel, BBA '88
Adam Blum, MPA ’06 Elizabeth Horne, BBA '74 Ryan Ruebsahm, BBA '01, MBA '06
John Bober, MPA ’82 Zuhair Khan, BBA '10 Betty Salanic, BBA '08
John Briscoe, BBA '81 Ian Kleinfield, BBA '05 Chirag Shah, BBA '97, MBA '06
Kent Capps, MPA ’99 Brandi Kleinman, BBA '00 Chuck Turet, BBA '68, JD '71
Michael Daehne, BBA '12 Kenny Liao, BBA ’05 Andrew Vo, BBA '95


The BBA/MPA Advisory Board committees are dedicated to fostering the legacy of the McCombs BBA and MPA degrees. These committees welcome participation from all alumni.

Development Committee


Andrew Vo

Additional Members

Hank Brenner, Pamela Friedman, David Murrell, Michael Pappert, Chirag Shah, Ed Tonkon, Andrew Vo, and Ashley Weaver

The Giving Committee was created the BBA Alumni Endowed Excellence Fund, which supports student-run and student-led programs, facilitating the McCombs mission of “experiential learning.” Additionally, the committee is dedicated to the education and increased annual participation of alumni, spreading the word on why it’s important for alumni to give.

Chapters Committee


Chris Hardesty

Additional Members

Jim Allred, John Bober, Pamela Friedman, Adam Gauvin, Nikki Hanley, Ian Kleinfield, Daron Peschel, and Ryan Ruebsahm

The Chapter Liaison Committee works to keep alumni chapters updated on McCombs news and events. They are also responsible for connecting chapter presidents via bimonthly or quarterly conference calls to provide a forum for sharing best practices.

Alumni Programs Committee


Brandi Kleinman

Additional Members

Lisa Blonkvist, John Briscoe, Elizabeth Horne, Daron Peschel, Betty Salanic, and Chuck Turet.

The dual purpose of the Alumni Programs Committee is to provide alumni support to the McCombs Alumni Relations Office:

  • Marketing – support the strategic goals of the Alumni Network through targeted marketing towards alumni, providing engaged and purposeful support to the McCombs Strategic Plan.
  • Alumni Recognition – select the BBA/MPA Rising Star Award winner annually, utilizing an established criteria, provide names to Alumni Office for alumni profiles featured in monthly blogs.

Other initiatives include: promoting the annual Alumni BBQ, managing the alumni affinity groups, and promotion of McCombs Annual Giving goals.

Texas BBA/MPA Programs Committee


Michael Daehne

Additional Members

Todd Batson, Emily Benigno, Adam Blum, Cathy Flores, Adam Gauvin, Zuhair Khan, Erin Patten, and Dennis Thankachan.

This committee works to link students with alumni. Recent initiatives include: fine tuning the mentorship program (currently piloting in Houston), creating a volunteer matrix to be utilized by BBA Career Services, and offering an outstanding student award to honor a student who may potentially take on a future role on the Alumni Advisory Board.

Governance Committee


Kenny Liao


Todd Batson, Kent Capps, Kyle Herman, Patrick Parker, and Ed Tonkon

The Governance Committee works to strengthen the BBA/MPA Advisory Board. Recent initiatives include: revising the MBA charter to fit the BBA/MPA Board, establishing the purpose of each BBA/MPA Board Committee and how each is tied overall to the board’s mission and the dean’s strategic plan, and coordinating with the Student Interaction Committee to establish an Undergraduate Business Council representative position on the board.

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