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MBA Alumni Advisory Board

MBA Advisory Board
The mission of the McCombs Alumni Network MBA Advisory Board is to cultivate an alumni community that facilitates opportunities to develop professional contacts, connects with students, gains professional knowledge, and gives back to McCombs in time, talent, and gifts. The board strives to make the McCombs Alumni Network the benchmark peers measure against and to be a significant reason why students choose McCombs.

Dan Robinson, MBA '88*

Past Chair
Suzanne Brown, MBA ’04*

Keary Kinch

At-Large Members
M. Saleem Akhter, MBA '86 Jeff Lahr, MBA '06
Jim Bohart, MBA '02 Michael Lapides, MBA '97
Raul Calvoz, MBA '04 Sean McDonald, MBA '95
Stephanie Carlton, MBA '12 Ken Parekh, MBA '87
Michael Dellinger, MBA '03 Jeffrey Phillips, MBA '93
Chris Drungell, MBA '11 Allison Rhodes, MBA '08
Robert Feiner, MBA '97 Tania Rodriguez, MBA '11
Carrie Haden, MBA '05 Blake Sellers, MBA '86
Jody Hubbard, MBA '06 Nasr Ullah, MBA '01
Peyton Jones, MBA '08 Nicholas Vaughan, MBA '09
Karren Kelly, MBA '05 Ken Weitzel, MBA '83
Naohiko Kimura, MBA '94 Steve West, MBA '80
Don Kramer, MBA '11 Blake Willeford, MBA '11

*Executive Committee Members

Current Committees

The MBA Advisory Board committees are dedicated to fostering the legacy of the McCombs MBA degree. These committees welcome participation from all alumni.

Affinity Group Committee


Chris Hegeman and Sean McDonald

Additional Members

Naohiko Kimura and Ken Parekh

In conjunction with the school’s centers, this committee will create affinity groups to connect alumni with similar interests primarily based on industry, degree and program. They are strengthening the online community and reach of the McCombs Alumni Network.

Alumni Giving Committee


Dan Robinson

Additional Members

Connie Casson, Robert Feiner, Jody Hubbard, Peyton Jones, Karen Kelly, Blake Sellers and Jett Winders

This committee works to promote alumni giving to the annual fund, which makes flexible resources available for strategic school initiatives and bridges the funding gap not covered by tuition, fees and state appropriations. Additionally, the committee promotes the MBA Alumni Endowed Excellence Fund (MAEEF), which provides resources to support new or existing student initiatives that have a broad and lasting positive impact for MBA students.

Alumni Recognition Committee


Allison Rhodes

Additional Members

Amanda Yates Cowan and Meredith Winczewski

The Alumni Recognition Committee identifies ways to acknowledge McCombs MBA alumni for their professional achievement as well as their service to the school, alumni network and community. Partnering with the Graduate Business Council, this committee launched the Rising Star Award in September 2005. This award is presented to alumni no further than ten years from graduation who have been successful professionally and have helped strengthen the McCombs Alumni Network.

Content/Communications Committee


Jim Bohart

Additional Members

M. Saleem Akhter, Connie Casson, Chris Cochran, Michael Dellinger, Jenn McClain and Chris Thomas

This committee, created in 2009, is responsible for distributing content and valuable programming. They recently established McCombs Knowledge To Go, which provides alumni the ability to continue their active learning relationship with the University through monthly one-hour webinars.

Governance Committee


Carrie Haden

Additional Members

Regan Ebert, Karen Kelly, Tom Mays, Chris Spahr and Nasr Ullah

The Governance Committee works to strengthen the MBA Advisory Board. Recent initiatives include: restructuring the board to include members from all 6 MBA programs, creating and distributing an orientation package for new MBA Advisory Board members, examining involvement of members and preparing to fill vacant positions.

Value Task Force


Michael Dellinger

Additional Members

Beau Ross, Nasr Ullah and Meredith Winczewski

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