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Business Majors

The McCombs School of Business currently offers 10 majors:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Marketing
  • Science and Technology Management (STM)
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Business Honors 
  • Integrated BBA/MPA  



Business Majors

All students enter the McCombs School of Business as "Unspecified Business" majors (except students admitted directly into the Business Honors Program or Integrated BBA/MPA). Once the student meets the requirements below, they can declare their major online. Business students may only declare one official major, as they may receive only one BBA degree. 

Declaring/Changing a Major

Business students may declare or change a major using this online form. The Business Honors Program (BHP) and Integrated BBA/MPA have separate applications. You must contact these departments for their application and admission requirements. Students may change their major online at any time and as many times as needed. Students may also declare a minor online.

Requirements to Declare a BBA Major

  • Clear any high school unit deficiencies
  • Fulfill the foreign language proficiency requirement (2 years of high school in a single foreign language OR 2 semesters of college in a single foreign language)
  • Register with BBA Career Services by uploading your OCR profile and resume.  (This is usually done during BA 101.)
  • Complete 30 hours of college credit, including:

 Math - M 408K & M 408L (or equivalent)
 Economics  - ECO 304K & ECO 304L (or equivalent)    
 Business Administration - BA 101

Students may declare a major while currently enrolled in BA 101, if they have completed all other requirements.  All Math and Economics courses must be successfully completed (final grade received) before a student may declare.

Page last updated: 7/24/2013