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International Business

IB Planner

When you declare your international business major, you'll receive an email directing you to the IB Planner. From there, you can input your language courses, semester abroad location, and planned area studies courses. The IB planner is a work in progress. It helps each IB student communicate with Dr. Gerber as they decide which courses to register for to satisfy their degree requirements. To discuss your plans with Dr. Gerber, you may contact her through the Department of Marketing, or email her.

International Business Degree Plans

If you have questions concerning which catalog you are under, contact the BBA Program Office, CBA 2.400, 512-471-0690.

It's an understatement to say that the United States plays important role in world affairs, and that international operations are of the utmost importance to American business enterprise. This major offers a combination of basic business knowledge with an interdisciplinary study of international policies and practices to help you navigate the complicated waters of international business. The BBA International Business curriculum prepares students for positions in global business operations, government, or international agencies in the fields of economic development and international trade.

The International Business major is also appropriate for students planning to pursue graduate studies in fields where knowledge of international business is beneficial, like law, international relations and public policy. We also encourage IB majors to use electives to deepen their knowledge in a specific business field.   

Language Studies

IB majors are required to take six semesters in one modern language, including six upper-division hours. The language you study must be one that is spoken in the region you choose for your area studies sequence (see below).

Study Abroad

All international business majors must study abroad for at least one semester or summer session. It's important to maintain a competitive GPA to facilitate admission to the international school of your choice. The majority of programs require at least a 2.5 GPA and others a GPA of 3.0. Students should study in a country or region associated with their foreign language and area studies specialization. The study abroad experience should be an immersion program that includes courses taken with local students. The international business faculty advisor, Dr. Linda Gerber, must approve all study abroad programs in advance via the IB Planner. Any McCombs School of Business Program is acceptable if it takes place in a country in which English is not the dominant language. The CIBER Summer Study Abroad programs will not fulfill this requirement. Most affiliated study abroad programs available through the University Study Abroad Office are acceptable, depending on the course of study. Students must complete the equivalent of at least six semester hours during their study abroad period. Credit earned abroad may be used to fulfill other degree requirements if appropriate.

Area Studies Sequence

You must complete nine semester hours of upper-division coursework focusing on a specific geographic region. These courses must be approved by the international business faculty advisor, Dr. Linda Gerber. Approval from Dr. Gerber must be obtained through the online IB Planner. Examples of acceptable fields are: Asian Studies; Spanish Studies; Middle Eastern Studies; and Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies, in addition to courses in other fields that directly pertain to the geographic area of focus. The area of study must be related to the student's chosen foreign language. Please note that language courses cannot count for both area studies and foreign language requirements.