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Career Shadowing Program (CSP)

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Please contact Rachel Rucker with any questions.

The Career Shadowing Program (CSP) is an unpaid, one-day experience during which current Texas BBA students are exposed to a professional business environment. Through participation, students will observe first-hand an organization’s culture and experience operations in an area of interest. Shadowing allows a student to walk through a typical day with a working professional and get a sneak peek into various careers paths and positions therein. The career shadowing experience is designed specifically for Texas BBA students who have not yet completed a professional internship.

About the BBA Career Shadowing Program (CSP)

The BBA Career Shadowing Program’s overall purpose is to increase career and industry awareness. Participants have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of connecting a major to a career. Participants are able to network with business professionals, observe operations, and experience an organization’s culture. The program promotes a learning environment by linking working professionals to students and assisting students in making decisions regarding their career. This allows students to gather information on organizations, industries, and careers.

What to Expect

  • Participants will have the opportunity to observe a working professional in their environment to gain a better understanding of business processes. Shadowing in different areas could open up new interests for students.
  • Students will have the opportunity to explore different career fields and industries which can help clarify future career interests and help to start building relationships with working professionals. Also, meeting with people from different divisions can help students narrow down what roles appeal to them.
  • Career shadowing helps to connect students with potential mentors in a chosen field.  
  • Networking opportunities within industry/company; potentially with young professionals and recent alumni
  • Participants are introduced to real word experiences through which they can learn personal experiences from recent alumni.
  • During career shadowing, students can learn about options for career development and leadership opportunities within an organization. Students can hear firsthand what future aspirations professionals have in those positions.
  • Students will have the opportunity to put academic learning into practice.
  • Participants will be able to obtain company insight to help better prepare for the interviewing process.
  • Career shadowing gives participants the opportunity to conduct informal interviews with those whom they are shadowing for the day. Asking questions, including questions which aren’t specifically related to a position, can help students gain a better understanding of what is expected of them after graduating from college.

Career Shadowing Applications

The Career Shadowing Program targets undeclared freshman and transfer students. There are limited spots available to current Texas BBA students who are not eligible for graduation within the next two semesters. The winter break application is now open. Please contact Rachel Rucker with any questions.

Upcoming Application Deadline:

  • December 2, 2014: Pariveda Solutions (Houston or Dallas)

Winter Break 2015 Employer Participants 

Pariveda Solutions (Houston or Dallas) - Friday, January 16

Pariveda Solutions is a national consulting firm focused on career development while operating within a local-office project delivery model.  At Pariveda Solutions we Deliver at the Edge SM, helping our clients improve their bottom line through technology strategy and solutions.  Our technology solutions include custom software & mobile application development, BI, portals & enterprise content management and cloud computing. Our focus is simple: build long-term relationships with clients where partnership is a centerpiece by incubating, developing and deploying world-class talent and service to our clients.

Positions recruited: Technology Consultant Intern; Software Development Consultant

How to Prepare for the Career Shadowing Program (CSP)

Before the Program

  • Attend a required CSP orientation to obtain necessary information about requirements, as well as meet other students who will be participating.
  • Research the company.
  • Meet with your Career Advisor or Peer Career Advisor to review your resume.
  • If representatives are known before meeting, reach out to them (via email) before your visit to establish connection or introduce yourself.
  • Plan out questions.
  • Review daily agenda if applicable.
  • Plan transportation and map out route if necessary.
  • Arrive to the employer site early.

During the Program

  • Dress professionally.
  • Ask lots of thoughtful questions.
  • Observe projects or daily tasks.

After the Program

  • Write follow up report.
  • Fill out a program evaluation.
  • Send a follow up thank you note.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be interviewed by an employer if I participate in the program?

No, but this is a great opportunity to network and do an informational interview while onsite.

Will participation in the Career Shadowing Program lead to an internship or FT position?

Not necessarily. This is a great way to meet professionals within an organization and start conversations with employee who can coach you in the hiring process.

Am I required to attend an Information Session/Orientation?

Yes, participants will attend a required information session/orientation the week prior to your Career Shadowing experience.  Attending a Career Shadowing Program information session/orientation will give you information on what to expect while participating in Career Shadowing. Please meet with your Career Advisor or Peer Career Advisor prior to your CSP experience to review your resume and discuss your career opportunities.

How do I get to the employer site?

Please indicate on the application form if you will need transportation provided for you.  If outside of Austin, transportation will be provided for the group. For students participating in a Career Shadowing visit within Austin, the option to utilize your own transportation may be available. Please note, some trips might be scheduled over a University break, so transportation will need to be arranged for those visits. If you need to provide your own transportation you will be notified prior to your CSP date.

What is the time commitment?

This varies by employer. Shadowing will last no longer than one day, but it could be a morning/afternoon or an all day visit.

Page last updated: 8/21/2014