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Texas BBA | Certificate Programs

Course Descriptions


 ACC  Accounting  FIN  Finance
 ARC  Architecture
 GRG  Geography
 ARE  Architectural Engineering
 LEB  Legal Environment of Business
 CRP  Community and Regional Planning
 RE  Real Estate
 ECO  Economics  URB  Urban Planning



ACC 326 Financial Accounting—Intermediate

This course walks new URE students through all the fundamentals of the real estate accounting. This course covers theoretical foundation, concepts and principles underlying financial statements, current assets, current liabilities, property, plant, and equipment, short-term investments and present value analysis.

ACC 378 Contemporary Accounting Topics

Topic: Real Estate Accounting.



ARC 308 Architecture and Society

Introduction to the social contexts, potential, and consequences of architecture and interior design.

ARC 318K World Architecture: Origins to 1750

Comparative study of the architecture of the ancient world, including Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

ARC 318L World Architecture: Industrial Revolution to Present

This course will cover global architecture from the industrial revolution to the present day.

ARC 350R Topics in Design Theory

Students will engage in study on a variety of topics subject to approval by a Texas URE academic advisor.
  • Topic: Alternative Real Estate Action
  • Topic: Housing America
  • Topic: Garden City to New Community
  • Topic: Case Studies: Concept-Construction
  • Topic: Global Housing Challenge
  • Topic: Sustainable Architecture
  • Topic: Urban Design History/Theory/Criticism 
  • Topic: Urban Landscapes and Place Making
  • Topic: City as Form and Idea

ARC 368R Topics in the History of Architecture

In this two-part course, students will delve into the design of outdoor public spaces, and how their design helps achieve specific social, environmental and aesthetic goals.

  • Topic:  History and Theories of Landscape Architecture I
  • Topic: History and Theories of Landscape Architecture II

ARC 369K Principles of Physical Planning

This course introduces participants to the physical dimension of urban planning.


Architectural Engineering

If you need a waiver in order to register for an Architectural Engineering course, requests must be submitted online through the Non-CAEE Major Registration Request.

ARE 323K Project Management and Economics

Solving economic problems related to construction and engineering; construction project management techniques; characteristics of construction organizations, equipment, and methods.

Prerequisite: M 408D.

ARE 358 Cost Estimating in Building Construction

Building construction estimating from plans and specifications, unit prices, lump sum estimates, job sites, overhead, general overhead, and bidding procedures. Estimating methods throughout the design process.

Waiver required for non-majors. 
Prerequisite: ARE 335.

ARE 366 Contracts, Liability, and Ethics

Legal aspects of engineering and construction contracts; contract formation, interpretation, rights and duties, and changes; legal liabilities and professional ethics of architects, engineers, and contractors.

Waiver required for non-majors. 


Community and Regional Planning

CRP 369K Principles of Physical Planning

This introductory course explores the physical dimensions of urban planning.



ECO 330T Topics in Economics

This course examines the interrelation of urban and regional economics to commercial real estate.

ECO 334K Urban Economics

Students will engage in economic analysis of urban areas with emphasis on the nature of current urban problems—slums, transportation, finance—and an evaluation of current policy.

ECO 334L Regional Economics

Here students will learn the spatial aspects of economics, including concepts, theories and policy applications.



FIN 377.3 Security Analysis | REIT Restricted to finance majors (FAP-REIT)

This is the second course in investments, with emphasis on quantitative applications and the underlying theory in the analysis and management of securities and portfolios.



GRG 310C Spatial Data and Analysis

Students will examine the fundamental concepts in spatial data acquisition, analysis and presentation, with emphasis on the needs of professionals in cartography, geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing.

GRG 337 The Modern American City

This course explores the issues facing residents of U.S. cities, such as transportation and housing, poverty and crime, metropolitan finance, environmental and architectural design. Here they will learn the comparative history of urban evolution.

GRG 356T Topics in Geography

In this course, students will explore the unique culture of individual cities in relation to industry.

GRG 360G Environmental Geographic Information Systems

Participants will be introduced to the creation and use of geographic information systems, which will allow them to analyze and manage various types of geographical data.


Legal Environment of Business

LEB 363 Real Estate Law

Here we will cover laws pertaining to estates and interests in land, conveyances and mortgages, brokers, easements, contracts, default and foreclosure.


Real Estate

RE 358 Introduction to Real Estate and Urban Land Development

Required of all Texas URE students
This course defines the principles of real estate and urban land economics, including an in-depth examination of investment, valuation, financing, and public policy in real estate and mortgage markets.

RE 378K Real Estate Finance and Syndication

Required of all Texas URE students
Students will explore debt and equity financing of residential and commercial properties, mortgage markets and instruments, and reasons for lender and investor decisions in real estate financing.

RE 376G Real Estate Investment

Study of the setting and measurement of property values in real estate markets and an analysis of real estate assets as investments.


Urban Studies

URB 301 Introduction to Urban Studies

This multidisciplinary study of cities and complex urban environments will deeply enrich students' understanding of urban planning. We will explore historical and contemporary issues from both national and international perspectives.

URB 305 Introductory Topics in Urban Studies

This course is an introduction to urban studies within the framework of different disciplines.
Topic: Experiencing the City