• This program is open to BBA undergraduates with a minimum 3.33 GPA. Please note, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Students are required to meet with the Program Coordinator, Maria Terrazas before they are accepted.
  • Prerequisites: Successful completion of FIN357 and any additional pre-req required by LSE for the LSE courses.


Program Duration: Six weeks, first summer session (June 16-July 25, 2014)

Earliest check-in to dorm: June 14, 2014 (tentative)
Latest check-in to dorm: June 15, 2014 (tentative)
Latest check-out of dorm: July 26, 2014


  • FIN 367: Investment Finance – Taught by UT faculty
  • Credit Varies– Taught by LSE faculty. Students will chose from a pre-approved list of courses taught during the LSE Summer School Term. Please see below for list of approved courses:
LSE Course
 UT Course Equivalent
 Pre-Reqs Required by LSE
MG101 Marketing  MKT 337 Principles of Marketing  N/A (please check for UT pre-reqs)
MG130  Organizational Behavior*        MAN 336 Organizational Behavior  N/A (please check for UT pre-reqs)
AF360 Options, Futures and Other Financial Derivatives*      FIN 377.2  Financial Risk Management  FIN 367,  Calculus 1+2, STA 309
IR209 International Political Economy*      GOV 365N Topics in Comparative Politics      3 hours in social science (i.e. political science, international relations, sociology, economics, history or law)
IR250 The Global Politics of Protest and Change*      GOV 365N Topics in Comparative Politics      3 hours in social science (i.e. political science, international relations, sociology, economics, history or law)
 * Course information is from LSE's 2013 class syllabi.
 Classes are generally held M-T (UT class) and M-F (LSE class). Students are strongly urged to refrain from making weekend travel plans until receipt of finalized schedule. Absence from class will not be permitted.

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