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Nearby Travel

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam’s famous canals thread the city alongside fascinating historical and ultra-contemporary attractions alike.

It is home to a number of outstanding art museums:

  • The Historisch Museum maps the city’s history through art
  • The Rijks Museum contains Rembrandt’s stunning masterpiece, “The Night Watch”
  • The Van Gogh Museum dazzles visitors with its prodigious collection of paintings from various phases of the troubled artist’s life.

Amsterdam is also known for its cozy coffee shops, so be sure to stop by a few.

The fastest way to travel in Amsterdam is by bicycle. Consider renting a bike for the weekend to easily explore the whole city.  

London Soldiers hanging outLondon, England, UK
While in London, be sure to make it to Buckingham’s Palace at least one day at 11:30 a.m. to watch the famous changing of the guard. Also, visit West Piazza of Covent Garden Market to see street performers who have passed rigorous auditions to perform there. At night, hop on the London Eye to get a good view of the city.


Barcelona or Madrid, Spain
While in Barcelona be sure to stroll down a world-famous boulevard called La Ramba. There you will find many street performers, vendors and entertainment. Go to a pintxo bar such as Euskal Etxea where you will be served finger foods which you eat with toothpicks. Missing your UT sports? Go to a football (soccer) match at the Nou Camp Stadium. In Madrid there is a fabulous museum culture, whether you seek the classics or postmodernism