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Why Study Abroad?

Next Steps:

1.   Find out more about yourself

The experience lets you “try new things, and step out of your comfort-zone so you can test your limits,” said Brenda Jimenez about studying in Spain after her first year at UT. You can learn to be flexible, humble, and patient in an unfamiliar culture. The change deepens your intellectual maturity, encourages independent thinking, and builds confidence.

2.   See the world, while earning UT credit

When you study abroad with a BBA exchange program, you earn UT credit and pay UT tuition! Study abroad can be integrated into your degree plan. “I was able to get a glimpse of the world AND get college credit,” said Ann Batdorf, a UT junior who studied in South Korea. Short-Term International Programs allow you to take the UT Classroom with you to another country. In these programs, you'll take two predetermined courses that also count for UT credit.

3.   Study at an elite business school

International exchange students studying abroad at Thammasat University in Bangkok, ThailandMcCombs students can study at highly ranked business schools around the world. We have 30 partner universities in 25 countries to choose from. BBA and undergraduate MPA students can enhance classroom experience by taking courses taught by foreign professors alongside students from around the world.

4.   Broaden your UT classroom experience

Live and learn in an educational environment not confined to a classroom. Experience the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of places you have only read about. Living in a foreign country and taking courses that offer a different international perspective, you can become a more globally conscious citizen with real-world experience of interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

5.   Improve a foreign language 

Immersion is the best way to learn a language. Living and learning on a daily basis in a foreign country encourages you to become fluent. “I enjoyed the times our German teacher walked with us to the market and helped us with our German when speaking with locals,” wrote McCombs School of Business student Viridiana Herrera about her experience in Vienna.

6.   Gain a global perspective

BBA study abroad student experiencing a market in ChinaObserve the inter-relatedness of other cultures and nations. Living in another culture brings you face-to-face with different perspectives on world events and your own country. When you return home you'll have a broader perspective, and will be more tolerant of other cultures. McCombs student Eric Hui said that his experience in Hong Kong “expanded his cultural horizons, took him out of his comfort zone, and instilled in him a desire to experience all that the world has to offer.”

7.   Make international friends

Before you even step foot in a foreign country, McCombs students have an opportunity to meet and interact with returning study abroad students and current international exchange students studying at McCombs who can help prepare you for your experience abroad. Plus, when it’s your time to go overseas, you’ll have a chance to meet many more students from around the world!

8.   Set yourself apart and impress prospective employers

Today’s workplace is increasingly global, and requires knowledge and experience that transcends national boundaries. Provost Sheldon Ekland-Olson encourages students to study abroad to enable them “to assume leadership roles in the global arena.” When you study abroad you enhance your career preparation by demonstrating willingness to learn in a cross-cultural environment, to be open to different perspectives, and to risk change. All of these skills are valuable to employers, and studying abroad always looks good on a resume!McCombs students promoting UT at a study abroad fair in Hong Kong

9.   Serve as a U.S. cultural ambassador

Studying abroad isn't just about immersing yourself in a new culture or improving a foreign language. It's the perfect opportunity to share with others about what your culture and life is like in the U.S. You can dispel stereotypes and negative perceptions about the U.S. and Americans through the positive interactions you'll have overseas.

10.  Have a once in a lifetime experience! Do it now!

This is the best time in your life to travel abroad. After you graduate, it will be more difficult to juggle the responsibilities of work and family to travel extensively. Check out the opportunities to study abroad on a BBA exchange program, a Short-Term International Program, or search for the numerous programs available through the UT Study Abroad Office. There is financial assistance available, too! Do it now! 

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