Choosing the Right Program

Choosing the right program is an important first step in your study abroad experience. Each student has different personal and academic objectives. Name your priorities. Consider the points below. How do they stack up in order of importance? Where can, and can’t you be flexible? Once you have an idea of what is important for you, your study abroad coordinator will help you find the right program. Use numbers to mark priority level of all that apply.

What do you want from the experience?

  • Improve language skills
  • Adventure
  • Classes that count toward major or degree requirements. How many?
  • Low costs
  • A specific location
  • Research, intern or volunteer opportunities
  • Classes taught in English
  • Take business classes that count toward my degree
  • Build knowledge/skills for my profession whether or not I satisfy degree requirements
  • Classes of personal interest whether or not I satisfy degree requirements. How many?
  • A certain time of year or program length

Who do you want your peers to be?

  • UT students
  • U.S. students
  • Other international students
  • Mainly local students in my host country

How much interaction do you want with the host culture?

  • I want to integrate myself as much as possible
  • Some interaction
  • Not so important to me

When do you want to go and for how long?

  • Summer or Maymester
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Academic year
  • Not sure

Study Abroad Program Types

With your personal and academic goals in mind, you can select from a wide variety of study abroad programs around the world.

Exchange Programs

  • Generally least expensive - pay UT tuition plus living costs
  • Most comprehensive course offerings; best option for varied coursework in technical fields
  • Longer: Semester or academic year only for most; some summer options
  • Lots of independence; total immersion possible
  • Often best for building advanced language proficiency
  • Fourth or fifth-semester language proficiency required to study in language other than English
  • Available Exchange Programs offered by the:

UT Faculty-Led Programs

Programs Affiliated with UT

  • Mid-length: summer or semester
  • Modes vary; take classes with U.S. students, other internationals, or local students from the host country on a UT-approved program
  • Assistance pursuing research, intern and volunteer opportunities offered by some
  • Program options for all language levels including absolute beginner
  • Offer varied levels of structure and interaction with host culture
  • Available Affiliated Programs offered by the UT Study Abroad Office

Page last updated: 11/21/2013