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Science and Technology Management Major

About the Program

Science and Technology Management (STM) students study the management of scientific and technological enterprises. Students take business classes across a broad range of areas, particularly program and management. They have the opportunity to take business electives to enhance an interest in a particular area. To build their technology management capability, students also take a number of engineering courses that provide critical foundations in understanding mechanical, electrical, computer and systems technology.

This combination of business and engineering courses provides graduates with the critical skills to be an effective "tech savvy" business manager. STM students are qualified for a wide range of entry-level positions including the following:

  • Consultant/IT Consultant 
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Information Systems Analyst
  • Network Engineer 
  • Production and Logistics Manager
  • Program or Project Manager 
  • Supply Chain Associate 
  • Technical Sales and Marketing 

Sample Science and Technology Management 4-Year Sequence

This is a sample schedule intended for planning purposes only. Please consult with an Academic Advisor for more details on required courses and scheduling.

Courses in bold are prerequisites for later courses.

Freshman Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Calculus I (Math 408K or Math 408C) Business Administration 101S
Rhetoric 306 Calculus II (Math 408L or Math 408D)
Economics 304K Economics 304L
Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology MIS 301
UGS 302/303 Visual Perf. Arts
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Accounting 311 Accounting 312
M 427K STA 309
E 316K PHY 303L
PHY 303K/PHY 103L PHY 103N
EE 306
GOV 310L
Junior Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
BA 324 FIN 357
OM 335 STA 371G
MKT 337 EE 302
CH 301 Free Elective
GOV 312L American History
Senior Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
MIS 353 or OM 353 MAN 374 or MIS 375
ACC 329 FIN 374C or FIN 374S
LEB 323 Business Elective
OM 337.5 ASE 374 or ME 375K or ES 377
ME 320 or EM 306 American History

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