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About the Program

Supply chain management prepares students to become leaders in supply management, the emerging paradigm for world-class corporations. Supply chain management is a total systems approach taken by companies, suppliers, and partners to deliver manufactured products and services to the end customer. Information technology is used to coordinate all elements of the supply chain from sourcing parts to coordination of retailers to achieve a level of integration that results in a competitive advantage not available in traditional logistics systems. Careers in supply chain management include roles such as buyer, risk management analyst, logistics planner, and staff consultant. Supply chain managers tend to be individuals with good communication and negotiation skills who are systems oriented (people who see the "big" picture).

Supply Chain Management Student Organizations

Supply Chain Management

Sample Supply Chain Management 4-Year Sequence

This is a sample schedule intended for planning purposes only. Please consult with an Academic Advisor for more details on required courses and scheduling.

Courses in bold are prerequisites for later courses.

Freshman Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Calculus I Calculus II
Rhetoric 306 Business Administration 101S
Economics 304K Economics 304L
Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology MIS 301
UGS 302/303 Visual Perf. Arts
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Accounting 311 Accounting 312
Business Administration 324 Operations Management 335
Statistics 309 English 316K
Government 310L Government 312L
Sci & Tech Pt 1 Sci & Tech Pt 1
Junior Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Operations Management 368 Operations Management Elective
Statistics 371G Finance 357
Marketing 337 Management 336
Free Elective Upper Division Non-Business Elective
Sci & Tech Pt 2 American History
Senior Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Operations Management 353 Legal Environment of Business 323
Operations Management 337.3 Operations Management 367
Operations Management Elective Free Elective
American History Non-Business Elective
Upper Division Non-Business Elective Non-Business Elective

Student-Submitted Videos About the Supply Chain Management Program

These videos were submitted via the McCombs Next Top Major contest, which pitted student-produced films about all McCombs School majors against each other to voted on by students, family and friends. Watch all of the McCombs Next Top major films here.

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