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Daniel E. Novotny

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Home town: El Paso, TX
Majors: Business Honors and Marketing

Studied abroad: Santiago, Chile


  • Honors Business Association 
  • Latino Fellowship
  • Intramural Water Volleyball

BBA/BHP Class of 2014

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Hometown: El Paso, TX     Majors: Business Honors and Marketing


I would like to be a Marketing Analyst for a corporation within the medical or technological industry upon graduation. Looking further down the road, I hope to work and live abroad until finally returning to the United States and becoming a global marketing manager, with hopes of becoming a C-level executive before turning 40.   

Best thing about McCombs  

One of the best things at McCombs is the community of staff, faculty and students! The dedicated advising staff is at your side every step of the way and supports you in navigating your academic journey. The Office of Student Life offers more than 30 student organizations for you to choose from. You can make campus your own, hone your leadership skills, establish lifelong friendships, and set yourself up for academic and career success - and have a great time while doing it!     

Favorite thing to do at UT:  

I am definitely a fan of swimming laps in Gregory Gym’s outdoor pool. I love knowing that I can stay on-campus, do something to relax my mind, and obtain a healthy workout at the same time. 

Cool things I've done during my time at UT:

I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile. This was by far the most exciting thing I have had the opportunity to do since I came to the McCombs School of business. I was able to immerse myself in a completely different culture with students from across the globe.

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