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Vianey Rangel

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Home town: Houston, TX
Major: iMPA - Integrated Master of Professional Accounting

Studied abroad: Barcelona, Spain

Extracurricular: ALPFA

Graduation BBA/MPA  2015


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Home town: Houston, TX, Major: iMPA - integrated Master of Professional Accounting


Once I graduate from the McCombs School of Business with a Masters in Professional Accounting, I hope to work within he oil and gas industry. The vast amount of opportunities and the knowledge to be gained from this industry greatly interest me. Ultimately, however, my goal is to find a way to use the knowledge I gain through my college career and work experience to start my own business and to help communities with limited resources.

Best thing about McCombs: 

The resources available to business students! At McCombs we have our own Career Services Office, Study Abroad Programs just for business students and even our own interviewing suites – just to name a few. Through McCombs resources I had the chance to attend various leadership programs with firms and was able to secure an internship with one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Favorite thing to do at UT:

Outside of attending football games, I absolutely love exploring the UT campus! There’s always something going on. Anywhere from film showings out on the six-pack lawn and dance parties by the UT tower, to stress-relieving end-of-semester foam sword fights, the UT campus never fails to keep me entertained. 

Cool things I've done during my time at UT:

Last summer I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain. I lived with a local family and had an amazing time exploring the food, culture, language, and the beautiful architecture and landscapes around Barcelona.

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