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Dedicated Support

Even before you start your first day of school at McCombs, you will already discover that you are surrounded by a dedicated team that is here to help you succeed.


Academic Advisors

As a business student you will get assigned an academic advisor starting your first semester. The same academic advisor will work with you throughout your college career helping you planning out your schedule, balancing your course load, and connecting to different resources on campus that will help you make the most out of your years at UT.  

Our academic advisors are constantly recognized for their outstanding work. In 2005, there were awarded "Outstanding Advising Program" in the country by the National Academic Advisors Association. In other years, our advisors have been recognized as "Outstanding Advisor" on multiple years.

Career Advisors

You will also be assigned a Career Advisor to personalize your career search. Career Advisors are knowledgeable of the career opportunities in each of the majors offered at McCombs. The award-winning Career Advising Team is available to assist in all phases of planning your future. From career choice decisions, resume development, interviewing techniques, offer evaluation, and career search strategies.

Study Abroad Advisors

As if two advisors were not enough. McCombs provides an additional advisor within the business school for students looking to add a global dimension to their studies. They can help you look at study abroad opportunities in our BBA Exchange Program and UT Study Abroad programs.

Career Services

Career Strategies Course- BA 101

Your introduction to career resources will be BA 101. Through this course you will explore all majors offered at McCombs through research and guest lectures by faculty and upper-classmen from the different business fields. BA 101 will also get your started with your first resume, professional correspondence, and even a mock interview. By the end of your first year, you will have all the skills needed to land your dream job.   

Undergraduate Career Expos (Fall and Spring)

Two Career Expos are hosted each school year for undergraduate students. The Fall Career Expo is focused on full-time recruiting, usually Seniors looking for a full time job. The Spring Career Expo offers mostly internship opportunities for all BBA students. 

Mock Interviews

Not ready to interview ? Through our Corporate Mock Interview Marathon, you can sign up for a mock interview with a real recruiter from some of the top companies in the world. The interviews go just like the real thing except at the end the company representative will give you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses in order to help you master the art of interviewing.

Company Meet and Greets

Most companies offer presentations and networking sessions for students interested in learning about a company and their job opportunities. This is the perfect opportunity to put a face to your resume and meet company representatives that will help you find if a company is the right match for you.

Etiquette Dinnersstudents enjoying etiquette dinner

Balancing conversation with food isn’t as easy as you think. You will learn how to balance your drink and shake hands along with business dinner dining at this popular event.

Other Career Exploration Programs

  • Target Your Future
  • McCombs Diversity Dinner
  • BBA Women's Council
  • Resume Review Workshops
  • Employer Panels
  • Industry Panels 



Office of Student Life Events

Before you Attend  UT:

Explore UT

When you Arrive at UT

Gone to Business

McCombs Kickoff

Other Events

Family Weekend

McCombs Honor Convocation


Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life (OSL) is your one-stop shop for leadership development and extracurricular activities within McCombs.  From the welcome program for business freshmen, Gone to Business to the Commencement ceremonies celebrating your accomplishments in the forty acres,  OSL complements our strong academic program by enhancing the college experience.

McCombs Leadership Program

Set yourself apart and gain valuable leadership skills with the award-winning McCombs Leadership Program. The Leadership Program provides you with unique programs and activities to complement your academic requirements while enhancing your leadership development, awareness and actions on an individual, local and global level. 


Learn to "lead with integrity" in a six-day interactive, energetic, and unique leadership conference.

Student Organizations

Get involved! There are over forty organizations just within McCombs and over 1000 at UT. Find your niche at the university by exploring your passions, develop leadership, and grow professionally through student organizations. Can't find one that suits your interests? Grab two friends, ten dollars, and start your own!

Computer Services

Computer Services provides technology resources to support the teaching, research and related activities of the McCombs community. The services provided by this department are aligned with the academic programs and strategic goals of the McCombs School of Business.

Training Team

The Technology Training Team provides a range of services for the McCombs community. Primarily, they offer training classes covering software in the Common Operating Environment. These classes are broken down by user group – graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty and staff. They also offer individual assistance for your “How Do I…?” questions through email, office visits, or over the phone.

Computer Labs

The McCombs Computer Services LabOps Team (lab management) oversees 5 primary computing facilities:

Please see the Common Operating Environment page for a list of software installed in our labs.

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