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Hands-On Experience

Learning in the classroom is only the beginning. In order to truly be equipped for the workforce, McCombs will arm you with real-world experience through internships, consulting projects, student leadership, among other experiences to get you ready for the next step in your career.



"The summer after my freshman year, I interned at an advertising and marketing agency here in Austin. I was the only business major among 12 interns, and, thanks to my business communication class, well-equipped with communication skills. One of my projects during the internship was a group consulting project for the agency. At the end of the summer, my team presented our PowerPoint and marketing materials to the agency's upper management. When we were told that we had won the contest between the intern teams and had delivered a smashing presentation, I felt that click—all the speeches, workshops, PowerPoint exercises, and more had really paid off. This isn't just something that you learn in the classroom—it really does affect you and help you in the workplace."

--Odile Kane, BBA 2009, BHP/MIS


"One of the biggest accomplishments during my internship was receiving high accolades from my Performance Manager for the work that I completed on a Memorandum to the Audit team explaining a part of the tax code and how to apply it to their financial accounting evaluation of a company. I know that the curriculum in BA 324, addressing Professional Communication, was a contributing factor to the professionalism that I portrayed in my daily endeavors both in written and verbal communication and in all of my interactions during my Internship!"

--Rochelle Johnson, BBA 2010, Integrated MPA

The classroom will be a place for you to learn both theory and practice, but you will discover the out-of-classroom experiences available at McCombs will give you an edge in both your career and life.

Every student will have at least one internship before they graduate. Internships are a great way for you to discover your interests, strengths and decide what careers you would like to pursue after graduation.

Leadership Programs


"I am part of the Community Service Committee for the Leadership Program (LP). Being part of this committee, I was able to take upon the responsibility of being a liaison between the LP members and Project 2009. Every time I opened my inbox I had unread e-mails, and there were logistics to take care of for LP. It has been through this opportunity I was able to discover my own abilities to be responsible and act as the middleman."

--Tamami Motoike, BBA 2012, International Business


"My biggest accomplishment this year with the Leadership Program has been getting involved on campus. As a freshman, getting involved on such a large university can seem like a daunting task at first, but I am so glad that I did. Although squeezing all of the things I like to do in my schedule can be challenging at times, the opportunities that come from doing so have been well worth it. I've most enjoyed the valuable exchange of ideas and perspectives that come only from surrounding oneself with the bright minds and diverse backgrounds that a school like UT, and McCombs specifically, can offer."

---Andrew Townsell, BBA 2012, Undeclared Business


"Being a leader is not about the words you speak, but rather about the actions you take. Lead by the example you set, and not your words. The Leadership Program is where student leaders come to set the right example for their fellow students, and eventually the world, to follow."

---Dylan Amaya, BBA 2011, Supply Chain Management

All companies today value leadership and McCombs has several opportunities to help you hone in on your leadership skills. You may choose to participate in the LeaderShape Institute, a week-long program where you will explore what leadership means and discuss its core components. The Leadership Program is another opportunity available for you. The Leadership Program complements your degree with unique experiences that facilitate leadership, awareness and action on the individual, local and global level. The Leadership Program helps you capitalize on your existing leadership opportunities, transforming you from a student leader to an emerging business leader.

Financial Analyst Program


"This is my first semester in the program and I have learned SO much! It has already been such a valuable experience. Being able to apply the different financials and how they are interpreted in stock prices and such has sort of been 'enlightening'."



"My biggest learning moment in FAP has been when I worked with my MBA mentor to do my first Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) from scratch, pulling in numbers from the financial statements and using my own analysis to value the company,"


Whatever you decide to major in, there are programs to help you gain learning outside of the classroom. Those interested in expanding their accounting knowledge can participate in the Accounting Practicum. Community service, class credit and real experience are offered in one unique course. You will get the chance to work with Community Tax Centers, a program that partners with the Internal Revenue Service, to implement tax assistance to low-income filers. It gives you the opportunity to help families when they need it most—tax time.

The Financial Analyst Program (FAP) is an opportunity for outstanding finance undergraduates. This one-and-a-half-year program allows you to work closely with finance faculty, MBA Investment Fund managers and asset management industry professionals to develop your skills and experience as a financial analyst.

Brass Ring Program


 "Brass Ring was memorable for me because it provided me an opportunity to work with a real world company, gain a first-hand experience in consulting and apply skills I've learned in the classroom. It was definitely a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge in different areas and develop my analytical abilities. I overall acquired new perspectives and experiences that will help me accomplish my future collegiate and career ambitions."

                      --- MICHAEL YANG ,BBA 2010, MARKETING


 "My biggest accomplishment with the Brass Ring Program was presenting our findings to top positions of Temple Inland. We were able to directly impact the company with our project. Not only did we learn from in class lectures, we were able to apply them to our current projects. This was an experience like no other."



"The amount of data that my team received in the Brass Ring Program resulted in tons of excel sheets and numerous emails with huge attachments filled with abbreviations, names and measurements that we honestly have never seen before. So, we had to ask questions, lots of them. Getting comfortable with asking questions was something I had to learn to do through this program. I don't think we would have gotten anywhere without asking questions. I definitely am grateful that McCombs offers this program. It was an amazing experience."


The Brass Ring program gives you the chance to work with Central Texas organizations. Teams submit project proposals that describe the project they’d like to work on, scope, schedule and anticipated results. Those chosen to participate spend six to eight hours a week, in addition to the weekly class meetings, working with a company and gaining three credit hours for the semester. The program is a perfect way to apply your academic knowledge to address contemporary business issues. Not only will you gain invaluable experience, it is a great resume builder and networking opportunity, and many Brass Ring students have received their summer internship from the company they worked with!

Case Competitions


“I was very fortunate to be chosen to participate in the Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge (TUBC) in Bangkok, Thailand the summer before senior year. Four of us were sent to represent the Business Honors Program in an international case competition. It was an amazing experience: meeting with students from across the globe, being introduced to new cultures, learning about how business courses are taught at universities in other countries and seeing one of the most beautiful countries in the world really made for an incredible trip. I'll always keep my memories of TUBC as some of the happiest I have had in my college years.”
---Odile Kane, BBA 2009, BHP/MIS

Many students also chose to participate in case competitions. These competitions allow you to work in teams to consult and give your suggestions on a current business challenge facing a company. Case competitions can take place at McCombs, out of town, or even out of the state and country and put you in front of some of the top businesses in the world.