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Enrollment Control

Enrollment Control Petitions are for non-business students who wish to enroll in business courses. The following are situations in which students would NOT need to fill out an Enrollment Control Petition:

  • Do you want to take a FIN, LEB, MIS, OM, or STA course?
    None of these courses are available by petition.
  • Are you a business student seeking approval to remain in a course due to lack of prerequisites or trying to get into a full class?
    Visit the registration page for current BBA students.
  • Do you want to take a Business Foundation course?
    If so, you may register for BFP courses via online Registration System. No special permission is required.
  • Do you plan to transfer to the McCombs School of Business?
    This petition is unrelated to an internal transfer application to McCombs School of Business. Visit our admissions webpage and attend an Internal Transfer information session.
  • Are you a graduate student (school 6)?
    If yes, please present a letter from your graduate advisor (on UT letterhead), stating that this class is required and take it to CBA 2.400 on the second class day.
  • Are you a transient or exchange student?
    If yes, you must bring a recent copy of your unofficial transcript to the BBA Program Office (CBA 2.400) in person or fax it to 512-232-2466. We do not have access to your previous records, and we need it to ensure that you meet prerequisite requirements.

List of approved business courses you can petition for Spring 2015.

Link to Spring 2015 Enrollment Control Petition

Page last updated: 11/5/2014