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New Partially Web-Based Class: LEB 320F

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For more questions about the 
partially web-based LEB 320F class
please contact
Sabine Wimmer
or visit the
Texas Business Foundations page.

The Business Foundations Program at the McCombs School of Business is pleased to announce the launch of its first partially web-based LEB 320F class for fall 2014.

Why you should consider registering for a partially web-based course:

  • The remote administration of part of the class gives you more flexibility in scheduling your classes.
  • You'll have the possibility to take more classes in one semester.

The only major differences between the partially web-based class and the face-to-face class are:

  • Lectures and instructions will be on-line.
  • The web-based class only meets in person on Fridays (the face-to-face class meets MWF)

  • The cost of your textbook for the web-based class will be slightly lower.

This new online class was designed by Dr. Dean Bredeson and Dr. Robert Prentice, both members of the Business, Government and Society Department at the McCombs School of Business and you can meet them here:

Since this is a new process we've put together frequently asked questions to provide guidance to you for registration and the administration of the class.

FAQs for web-based classes

  • How can I register for the LEB 320F partially web-based class?

    The Process of registering for LEB 320F is the same as registering for face-to-face classes; just make sure to select "LEB 320F FOUNDTN LEGAL ENVIR OF BUSN-WB" from the course schedule. Click here to go to the course schedule.

  • Do I have to attend face-to-face classes?

    While the regular face-to-face version of LEB 320F meets three times a week (MWF), as student enrolled in LEB 320F WB you will only have to attend a session on Fridays.

  • Is this class self-paced?

    The LEB 320F WB class is not self-paced. The course will be administered synchronous with the face-to-face course. The exam period follows the semester schedule regarding start, finish and final exam. Homework assignments will have to be submitted at dates/times specified in the course syllabus.

  • Does the course have office hours with the professor?

    Yes, absolutely. Your professor will be available for face-to-face office hours for the partially web-based LEB 320F. The days/times will be listed in the syllabus.

  • What is the cost of the LEB 320F WB class?

    The tuition cost for the partially web-based class is the same as for the face-to-face class. The only difference in cost will be for the electronic textbook, which will cost less than the textbook required for the face-to-face class.

  • Is there a textbook for the LEB 320F WB class?

    Yes, the course will be accompanied by an electronic textbook.

  • Does the LEB 320F WB count towards the Business Foundations Certificate?

    Yes, the LEB 320F WB class counts towards the completion of your Business Foundations Certificate the same way as the face-to-face version of the class.