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Case Based Curriculum

BHP classes are small, intimate, and modeled on an MBA-style curriculum. BHP classes use real-world issues as the foundation, and the case-based curriculum will put you in front of challenges that companies currently face or faced in the past. You, the student, become the decision maker. It's your job to tackle these problems as CEO or CFO, and present your solution to your peers. There are no black and white answers to these cases. They teach students to collaborate and reason together to decide the best course of action.

Students will read a particular case in groups and then decide together how their company should respond. These cases are not hypothetical; the companies and the problems they face are all very real. This method allows the students to take the lead in discussing and breaking down the problem, a skill that is integral to any career. Class participation isn't just encouraged, it's an essential part of your grade. It encourages students to have confidence, think outside of the box, and exchange ideas that enhance the class’ overall learning experience. At the end of a semester of case-based study, students will be able to analyze and tackle business problems, collaborate with their peers, and present reasoned solutions to real issues that companies face.

Hands-On Learning

Several programs are offered throughout the academic year to help students acclimate to the BHP, to the University, and to prepare students for the professional world. These programs offer BHP students a valuable supplement to their in class educational experience. A case-based curriculum is invaluable training for future interviews and jobs.

Examples of BHP academic programs include the Finance and Management Information Systems boot camps, mock interviews, a case preparation workshop led by MBA faculty, and cram sessions put on by the BHP student organization, the Honors Business Association. Practicum programs such as The Brass Ring program, the Accounting Practicum, and the Financial Analyst Program are also available to BHP students.

Page last updated: 5/7/2014