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    Life in BHP

BHP Student Ethics Board

BHP Student Ethics Board

The BHP Student Ethics Board aims to promote academic integrity, and ensure all members of BHP uphold the Honor Code. It serves as a resource for students and staff on ethical issues and principles. The Ethics Board's goal is to create a strong ethical reputation for the Business Honors Program and The University of Texas and foster an environment of integrity. We are a small student group that hosts events, leads course audits, and handles risk management to promote ethical behavior in the Business Honors Program.

View BHP Ethics Report   PDF FILE

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Ethics Board Events: 

  • Fall and spring course audits
  • Risk management and analysis
  • Ethics week
  • Finals cookie giveaway
  • Guest speakers
  • Co-sponsorship with HBA and Steering Committee

2012-2013 Ethics Board Members

 Chairs:  Members
Ellen Cameron     |    Questions? email meEmail me!
Ravi Karia  |   Questions? email meEmail me!
Minjae Kim
Humza Tariq
Michael Johns
McKay Proctor
Dylan Campo
Dana Hue
David Yu
Angela Meng
Armiya Humphrey
Jace Barton
Amy Wu
Bari Rabinovich
Maria Vlahova


- All BHP students are required to sign a copy of the BHP Honor Code upon admittance to the Business Honors Program.

To submit an Honor Code Report or ask a question about ethics, please use the button below.

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