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BHP Steering Committee

The Business Honors Program Steering Committee (SC) serves to foster and increase communication between faculty, staff, students, and alumni as the “oversight” board. The SC works extensively with the HonBHP Steering Committeeors Business Association (HBA) as well as the BHP Ethics Board to create a strong, unified BHP culture through joint discussions and events. Appointed class representatives provide the link and voice between their classmates and the BHP Program. SC members meet bi-monthly, and will always be accessible to talk about any issues, concerns, and feedback relating to the program. Some of our events include:

  • BHP Office Hours - Informal hours in the BHP Office where students can drop by to provide feedback and ask questions.
  • BHP Town Hall Meetings - An open forum in a large room where students can ask questions and discuss the BHP program with faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Faculty Fiesta Co-host with HBA - BHP Faculty are invited to enjoy lunch on South Mall and interact with others in the BHP Community

2013-2014 Committee

Co-Chair/Senior Representative

Stephen Bay Stephen Bay
BHP/Finance/History – Minor: Spanish
Email me about: BHP, Steering Committee, McCombs Diversity Council, Texas Undergraduate Investment Team, consulting, finance, studying abroad, college food recipes, and Game of Thrones theories.

Vice-Chair/Senior Representative

Eric WongMukul Ramakrishnan
Email me about: BHP, Steering Committee, Texas Blazers, Honors Business Association, and pre-med.


Secretary/Sophomore Representative

Shivi AgarwalShivi Agarwal
Email me  about: BHP, Steering Committee, UT Indian Cultural Association, psychology, minoring outside of McCombs, PED, and fun classes!

Freshmen Representatives

Kade Thomas Kade Thomas
Email me about: BHP, Honors Business Association, Steering Committee, entrepreneurship, The Callaway House, and sports/intramurals.

Humza Tariq Humza Tariq
Email me about: Ethics Board, Honors Business Association, community service, sports, and BHP.


Omar Najeed Omar Najeed
Email me about: BHP, Steering Committee, racquetball, ultimate frisbee, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, mainstream Indie music, life/class advice and the Science & Technology Management major.


Paige Kimball Paige Kimball

Email me about: BHP, Steering Committee, Honors Business Association, Women in Business Association, tennis, where to eat in Austin, and anything on TV/Netflix.


Sophomore Representatives

Regan Wang Regan Wang
Email me  about: BHP, Steering Committee, options abroad (through McCombs or otherwise), major and minor selection (McCombs or otherwise), Synchronous Massive Online Course (SMOC), Taiwanese student organizations, tutoring and anything you like!

Hayden McMurrey Hayden McMurrey

Email me about: BHP, Steering Committee, Greek life, Career Services, Longhorn sports, and traveling abroad.


Sela Flowers Sela Flowers

Email me about: BHP, Steering Committee, Black Business Student Association, Sport Management, Longhorn Optimist, and Austin restaurants.


Rachel Julie Huynh Rachel Julie Huynh
BHP/Plan II/Supply Chain Management

Email me about: My majors, Steering Committee, Undergraduate Business Council, Orange Jackets, and The Daily Texan.


Junior Representatives

Sadaf Siddiqui Sadaf Siddiqui
BHP/Supply Chain Management

Email me  about: BHP, Steering Committee, Pre-med, Muslim Students' Association, writing/essay editing.


Kelly Hogg Kelly Hogg
BHP/Marketing – Minor: Advertising
Email me
 about: Marketing and Advertising, Honors Business Association and getting involved, Campus Events and Entertainment, general school/life advice.


Armiya Humphrey Armiya Humphrey
Email me  about: MPA, Ethics Board, basketball, business fraternities, and philosophy.



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