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What Is Make-a-Mark?

(and why is it important?)

So if you're a BHP senior, you've probably heard the phrase "Make-a-Mark" mentioned a few times and are wondering just what it is. Well, first and foremost, Make-a-Mark is a scholarship campaign.

And why are BHP seniors fundraising for scholarships? Because the single biggest issue that the BHP will confront in the future is whether or not it will be able to offer incoming students competitive scholarship packages.

East Coast schools have the luxury of large endowments that fund elaborate financial packages, and if we want to remain among the nation's elite business programs, we have to be able to do the same.

The Business Honors Program is the students it recruits. Help us keep the best and brightest here at Texas.


Common questions about Make-a-Mark

  • How much are we trying to raise?
    The goal is to offer 50 incoming students scholarships equivalent to the cost of tuition and fees. We've still got a long way to go, but only a few years ago, we had almost no scholarship funding at all. That success is a testament to what we can accomplish when we band together as a community. This year's fundraising goal is $20,000 with a suggested donation or pledge of $250 from each student. This is just a suggested amount though, you are free to give as much or as little as you can, but please give something!
  • How much should I give?
    This year's suggested gift amount is $250, and we allow students to pay off their pledge in installments beginning in September 2015 to give you the chance to start work and make it easier to pay. In the past we've had students donate as little as $10 and more than $2,000. No matter what you give, every dollar counts.
  • What is the deadline to donate?
    Be sure to donate or pledge before May 7, 2015 to have it included in the campaign total.There is an option to defer payment until September 1, 2015, but you must make your pledge by May 7 for it to count towards this year's campaign.
  • Is there a prize drawing for the student donors?
    Yes. Everyone who donates will have a chance to win prizes drawn at the Make-a-Mark finale. Many of our corporate partners have been kind enough to donate great prizes. The more you donate, the better chance you have of winning one of these prizes.
  • Aren't most honors students on scholarship anyway?
    No. The reality is that UT doesn't have anywhere near enough scholarship funding to give awards to all of the students who deserve them. And with nearly a third of BHP students being National Merit Scholars, UT's decision to stop funding that program means that we have to work especially hard to make up the difference.

Page last updated: 5/1/2015