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Neha Vaidya

BHP, Finance '15

Neha was sold on coming to the BHP after meeting so many current students at Discover BHP, the annual event for admitted freshmen which showcases the program and all it has to offer. She ended up co-chairing the event two years later. She chose BHP because she wanted to be in a challenging and rewarding environment, but where the general tone and culture was much more relaxed and jovial than many other competitive programs. Neha is involved in Texas Orange Jackets, the Student Consulting Initiative, is a BHP Peer Mentor and has spent most of her time being very active in the Senate of College Councils (SCC), where she has held three leadership positions. As Membership Director this past year for the SCC, she sorted through 200 applications, ultimately selecting only 50 of UT’s brightest from across campus. She also spent a great deal of time this past year mentoring BHP freshmen. She says it is the BHP culture to just naturally give back and continuously help their peers succeed and credits a handful of upperclassmen for helping her find her place on the Forty Acres when she was a freshman, a tradition she was happy to help pass on. After graduation, she will be working at Evercore as a Mergers & Acquisitions Investment Banking Analyst in NYC. Through the BHP and the Alumni network she was able to secure her first investment banking internship the summer after her sophomore year and is excited to continue working down a career path she finds both challenging and rewarding.


Kyle Campbell

BHP, Finance and Economics '16

Kyle may originally be from College Station, home to UT rival Texas A&M, but he found his way to Austin and UT and is now one of the biggest proponents for the university and the program. He is an Admissions Ambassador for UT, spending his summers giving campus tours and helping prospective students learn more about UT and the application process. Growing up in College Station, Kyle said nobody talked about UT and he had no idea what BHP was. It was a university visit and talk with a BHP Recruiter about the program which helped him to learn more and ultimately made him fall in love with the school and program. Kyle has appreciated the diversity UT has to offer and has been able to experience this through his involvement as a BHP Peer Mentor, Vice President for the Undergraduate Business Council and as a member of the recruitment committee for Texas Blazers. He says he appreciates how BHP helps students discover their passion and mold it into something great, whether that be a passion for medicine, non-profit work or a traditional route like consulting. After graduating, Kyle plans to pursue a career in consulting and eventually go to law school to become a corporate lawyer.


Rachel Solomon

BHP, Plan II Honors and Marketing '15

After graduating from UT this year, Rachel will work as an assistant buyer with Neiman Marcus. She gained experience as a buyer in the fashion industry working for a store in Austin owned by a BHP alumnus. She has a pension for creativity and has found that combining BHP with Plan II Honors has allowed her to engage both the right and left parts of her brain on a daily basis. Rachel is a BHP Peer Advisor and Student Recruiter. She loves interacting with prospective students and helping them through the process of selecting the best fit for them. She really feels she ended up in the right place in BHP and has appreciated the case-based approach of BHP classes, which have taught her how to apply what she is learning in the real-world. Her favorite class in the program so far was a management course she took as part of the BHP study abroad summer program in Argentina, describing it as being very motivational.


Jacob Spangler

BHP, Plan II Honors, Supply Chain Management and Government '15

Many BHP students take on two to three majors, but Jacob has taken on four, while being involved in numerous organizations across campus. He is really making the most of his time at UT. He credits all of the great role models he found in BHP for helping him succeed in leadership positions and feel he could all of the things he wanted to. Jacob works for the UT Office of Admissions, is a Peer Mentor and Student Recruiter for BHP, is a member of the Longhorn Band and is also involved in several other organizations on campus. He is the first to admit that it is a challenge juggling everything he has taken on, but he has learned to manage his time, make time for his interests, and know his limits. He believes there are no limits to where you can go if you take advantage of all the UT has to offer. He loves being in BHP and describes the students in the program as motivated, saying it humbles him to be around such driven students every day. After graduation, Jacob would like to go into management consulting. He has already successfully completed internships with ConocoPhillips and Accenture.

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