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Business Honors Program | Make a Difference
A Shared Vision Make-a-Mark Campaign Parents Supporting Students Corporate Involvement Gifts and Estate Planning
  • Make-a-Mark Student Giving Campaign


Thank you to the following students who generously donated to the 2014 Make-a-Mark campaign!

Class of 2014 

Satvika Ananthanarayah
Morgan Ball
Stephen Bay
Nick Bedenkop
Robert Belanger
Courtney Brindle
William Butcher
Ellen Cameron
Tomas Campuzano
Jordan Clark
Ben Danna
Alexandra Danner
Lavanya Dharmarajan
Holland Finley
Arun Gopalakrishnan
Josh Hu
Kevin Ma
Michelle Moon
Preston Moore
Stephanie Morgan
Michelle Patterson
Chrisopher Pavlich
Tommy Pigeon
Mukul Ramakrishnan
Forrest Ripley
Courtney Seager
Dahyun Son
Preethi Srikanth
Todd Storm
Ranny Tang
Connie Tao
Stephen Tran
Maria Vlahova
Brandon Wang
Mark Wenden
Micah Williams