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Business Foundations Certificate

All non-business students who are in good academic standing at the university and have a 2.0 overall UT grade point average may enroll in Texas BFP courses. THERE IS NO FORMAL APPLICATION PROCESS REQUIRED TO BEGIN THE PROGRAM. Students simply register for the program and take the appropriate classes as a part of their UT coursework. Prerequisites for all business classes are strictly enforced, and it is up to the student to account for them.

Certification Requirements

  • At least a 2.0 overall UT GPA
  • At least a 2.0 overall GPA in the Texas BFP courses, including Economics and Statistics
  • 3 hours of Economics
  • 3 hours of Statistics
  • All required courses completed in either the General or Global track
  • All courses completed for a letter grade
  • No more than 2 courses completed through University Extensions (unless through the Texas BFP Summer Institute)

Benefits of Certification

  • Rounds out undergraduate education in any field of study
  • Demonstrates business knowledge to prospective employers
  • Meets prerequisites for most graduate business programs

Verification on UT Transcripts

As of Fall 2010, students who have completed the Texas BFP will have their certification denoted on official transcripts. However, the designation will NOT appear on a transcript until the student graduates from the University. The student will receive a Texas BFP certificate in the mail once he or she completes the program.

Certificate Request is available online. Students do not need to request certification until the beginning of their final semester of study but can submit the form at any time.

Page last updated: 9/27/2013