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Recruiting Outside McCombs

McCombs Career Services can help you recruit students in the BBA, MPA, MSF, MBA, MSBA and MSTC programs. However,  to reach students from other colleges (e.g., Communications, Engineering) at The University of Texas at Austin, you must work with their corresponding career services offices. McCombs Career Services does support the following approach for multi-college recruiting efforts:

  • When you wish to recruit students from other UT Austin colleges & schools, please notify your recruitment account manager. He/she will contact the appropriate office(s) and inform them of your interest in their students.
  • If the interview schedule is held in the Ford Career Center (GSB 4.114), the majority of the students on the schedule should be McCombs School of Business students. If you wish to interview a large number of non-McCombs students, please plan to make alternative arrangements to interview those students at their respective college facilities.
  • Please note: If you plan to interview any non-McCombs students in our facility, those students will not be able to view postings or schedule an interview through our On-Campus Recrutiing (OCR) system. Please contact your recruitment account manager with any questions.

For additional information on recruiting The University of Texas at Austin students, please refer to Hire Texas.

Page last updated: 5/16/2013