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Big Challenges, Big Opportunity

Austin is committed to the development of a world class medical school. The opportunities for research expansion and economic growth are significant. Austin is a dynamic hub for technology innovation, and the McCombs School of Business, with its focus on healthcare, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, is poised to make a huge impact.

Health Sciences-Related Research in the McCombs School of Business

Faculty are conducting research in the following areas and much of this research has a direct health care focus:

  • Organizational theory, including studies of successful care transitions and readmissions.
  • Operations theory, including research in areas of patient safety, scheduling, and readmissions.
  • Data analytics and information management, including understanding variation in physician use of electronic health records.
  • Diffusion of innovation, including studies of sensemaking and improvising in inpatient care teams.
  • Entrepreneurship within organizations and industry groups, including study and improvement projects looking at emergency department throughput at UMC Brackenridge.
  • Effective use and management of teams, including research involving use of agent-based modeling to understand patterns of relationship infrastructures among disparate groups of providers.
  • Complexity theory, including research using complexity science to understand clinical microsystems.
  • Cost accounting, including research in the bundling of payments including use of process mapping and introducing rigorous ROI analysis as part of the selection and evaluation process.