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Summer Real Estate Research Symposium

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Contact: Dr. Jay Hartzell, University of Texas at Austin
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2014 Summer Real Estate Symposium

When: June 14 - 15, 2014
Monterey, California

Hosting Schools: Columbia, Cornell, National University of Singapore, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, UT-Austin and Wharton

Program Papers from 2013

Past Symposiums

2012 Summer Real Estate Symposium

June 17-18, 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hosting Schools: UC-Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia, Cornell, National University of Singapore, Wharton, Wisconsin-Madison and UT-Austin

Program Papers

  • "Bidding Wars for Houses" by Lu Han (Toronto) and Will Strange (Toronto)
  • "Houses as ATMs? Mortgage Refinancing and Macroeconomic Uncertainty" by Hui Chen (MIT), Michael Michawx (USC) and Nikolai Roussanov (Wharton)
  • "Borrower Misrepresentation and Loan Performance" by Mark Garmaise (UCLA)
  • "Energy Efficiency and Commercial-Mortgage Valuation" by Dwight Jaffee (UC Berkeley), Richard Stanton (UC Berkeley) and Nancy Wallace (UC Berkeley)
  • "Financial Innovation in Late-Eighteenth Century Netherlands: The Case of American Land Securities" by Rik Frehen (Tilburg), Geert Rouwenhorst (Yale) and Will Goetzmann (Yale)
  • "Cultural Proximity and Loan Outcomes" by Ray Fisman (Columbia), Daniel Paravisini (Columbia and LSE) Vikrant Vig (LBS)

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