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A Toy's Story

Know | July 24, 2012 | By Cory Leahy
From Austin, to north Texas, to Long Beach, Calif., and across the Pacific Ocean to Hong Kong and mainland China. Introductory operations management class spends five weeks tracking products from Target shelves in Austin to the factory floor in China.

This story is a featured student experience in Know 2012 Retrospective: Looking Back on a Historic Year.

SCM Student Receives 2012 R. Gene Richter Scholarship

Garrett Hopper, undergraduate SCM major, is one of 10 students awarded a 2012 R. Gene Richter Scholarship. This award is the largest nationally recognized scholarship program in the field of supply chain management. Read more about Garrett and this prestigious scholarship.

Supply Chain Problems Leave Companies in Ethical Knots

TEXAS ENTERPRISE | February 15, 2012 | By Rob Heidrick
Rotten Apple? Domestic companies like Apple, Nike and Hershey have come under fire for working with foreign suppliers that commit human rights and environmental abuses. Read more at Texas Enterprise.

Talent Development as a Key Component of High Performance Supply Chain Organizations

TEXAS ENTERPRISE | November 4, 2011 | By Robert Benny, Advanced Micro Devices with Chris Hoban, Accenture and DeeDee Yelverton, AMD
Companies have used the recent economic downturn to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Many are investing in technology, capital, and infrastructure, while other have sought to lure talent from less fortunate companies. Read more at Texas Enterprise.

Made in China: University of Texas Course Takes Students to the Birthplace of Consumer Products

The Chronicle of Higher Education | July 10, 2011 | By Katherine Mangan
For 6 weeks this summer, 28 students traveled backward through a supply chain to learn how 3 products made their way from China to a Target store in Texas. Read the full article.

McCombs Soars in Supply Chain Ranking

McCOMBS TODAY | June 10, 2011
In the latest ranking of supply chain management programs from Gartner, McCombs' undergraduate SCM program earned a number 6 ranking and the graduate program ranked 15th. Read more at McCombs Today.

Gartner Research announced its latest ranking at the 2011 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. For more on the methodology and ranking, view the conference presentation.

What Does It Take to Be a Supply Chain Professional Today?

SupplyChainBrain Today | February 17, 2011
Check out this interview with Dr. Michael Hasler from the SCOPE West 2010 annual conference.

Innovating to Optimize Supply Chain Management

TEXAS ENTERPRISE | February 3, 2011 | By Robert Benny and Michael Massetti, Advanced Micro Devices
As an innovator dedicated to collaboration with our network of vendors and customers, AMD considers our supply chain to be a key component to our success and one of our most important competitive assets. Read more at Texas Enterprise.

Partnership Gives Faculty Access to Retail Data

McCOMBS TODAY | January 18, 2011
SCMC and the Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions (CCIMS) formed a partnership with the Center for Advancing Retail Technologies (CART) to provide faculty and students with access to data about retail technologies, consumer behaviors and other areas of study. Read more at McCombs Today.

Supply Chain Students Win Case Competition for Target

McCOMBS TODAY | December 7, 2010
Thirteen teams of students from Michael Hasler's Procurement and Supplier Management class participated in a case competition designed and sponsored by Target. Read more at McCombs Today.

Operations Theory Becomes Real for New Grads at Energy Alloys

McCOMBS TODAY | November 23, 2010 | By Daniel Harrison, MBA '10, Business Analyst, Energy Alloys
Read the full article at McCombs Today.

Toy Story: Supply Chain Traces Products from Factory to Store Shelves

McCOMBS TODAY | November 3, 2010 | By Hillary Berquist Funk
Supply chain class travels from Austin Target store to Chinese factory to trace product life cycles in person. Read more at McCombs Today.

Seshadri: Toyota Recall Tests the Company's Legendary Supply Chain Process

McCOMBS TODAY | February 1, 2010
Toyota, the most venerable manufacturing corporation in the world, appears to have stumbled. Is this a simple misstep or is this a systematic failure? Read more at McCombs Today.

Buffett's Move Further Signals Importance of Supply Chain Management Profession

McCOMBS TODAY | November 13, 2009 | By Lamar Johnson
Tight credit, global supplier risk, escalating energy costs, declining consumer confidence, unprecedented earnings pressure, high unemployment...oh my! The result is a perfect storm for reducing the number of opportunities for college graduates in typical career paths. It might be time to consider a new direction. Read more at McCombs Today.

Supply Chain Center Honors Scholars, Corporate Sponsors

McCOMBS TODAY | February 27, 2009
SCMC hosted a day of activities that enabled direct interaction between McCombs students and SCMC corporate sponsors, promoted McCombs' supply chain program, and honored SCMC's Founding Sponsors and 2008-09 scholarship recipients. Read more at McCombs Today.

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