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Aunt Bertha

Aunt Bertha has created the first comprehensive marketplace for human services, a web-based platform capable of gathering into one place the 1.4 million programs—public and charitable, local, state and national—that offer need-based human services across the US. Anyone can use the platform to search for services through our free and open website at The interface we designed for the site makes searching for services friendly, fast and intuitive for anyone, including ordinary people in need and professionals working to help them. Users simply enter a zip code to begin drilling down to the programs that are available and relevant to them; and it takes just seconds to see results that zero in on the specifics of what’s available and how to apply for services directly. Aunt Bertha has a system in place to validate suggestions sent through our platform, striking a balance between the benefits of open collaboration and maintaining high quality information.

How TVL Helped: TVL helped Aunt Bertha refine their marketing strategy.  Additionally, the deal team researched pricing for the startup, and how to optimize revenue.