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Neon Mobile

Neon Mobile is giving small and medium size businesses powerful customer facing tools and an immersive mobile presence for a fraction of the cost of developing stand-alone applications. Neon’s patent pending platform creates lasting brand loyalty through the use of high quality 3D interactive models. By using a combination of brand imagery and building facades, Neon creates an immersive user experience paired with the highest quality customer facing applications which provide content, promotion, and sales, to build brand loyalty through a business’ mobile presence. Touch-friendly, no application store visit required, Neon’s ground breaking approach extends to the back office as well, providing an instant real-time snapshot of the overall business customer interactions while maintaining all company information in a simple and easily managed data repository. The management dashboard allows data to be published real-time, insuring the data is never stale and is only allowed to be copied by permission, providing the consumer with always the freshest, most up to date information possible. “We are leveling the playing field for small to medium enterprises by providing a complete customer facing, promotion and advertising platform with a truly unique, immersive user experience that works flawlessly on mobile and touch devices that are begging for interactive solutions,” says CEO, Chris Ladouceur. “We will empower small business with the tools of large enterprise for a fraction of the cost of custom application development.”

How TVL HelpedTVL helped Neon Mobile identify small businesses that would be promising customer segments.  The team also helped research competitors by comparison of features.

Page last updated: 9/4/2014