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For the past several decades the standard method of delivery of therapeutics for the eye has been the liquid eye-drop. Despite being widely used, eye drops are not well suited for optimal drug administration from a physiological perspective or a patient ease and tolerability point of view. SpinDrift’s technology is based on aerosol plumes called toroidal vortices. These vortex rings are well understood and comprehensively studied in the fields of fluid mechanics and aerodynamics. However, they have never been applied to therapeutic aerosols. These aerosol plumes are highly controllable and can be scaled using simple mechanical devices. We have developed a broad understanding of this delivery system for soft, reproducible, and optimal therapeutic delivery to the eye.

How TVL Helped: TVL helped SpinDrift examine current medications to partner with.  The team also looked at the FDA regulatory process, and the optimal pathway for the company to pursue.

Page last updated: 9/4/2014