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What they do : As smart phones gain in popularity and functionality, Wibole solves the mounting problem of overburdened cellular networks. Wireless carriers collectively spend $20B each year to improve and expand their networks to keep up with rising demand. Despite this, wireless service is unable to keep up with the new demands for mobile video and other data intensive functions. Using a patent-pending Multi-Hop Wireless Controller (MWC) in a firmware implementation, Wibole allows wireless devices to act as relays for other devices in order to gain maximized transmission speed.

How we helped : The TVL team researched and assessed the complex value chain in the wireless industry, which is made up of users, wireless carriers, device manufacturers and chip manufacturers. The team conducted interviews with business and technical professionals for each of these players to determine market pains, short-term solutions, and potential interest in MWC.  Through these interviews, the team also generated meetings with two potential customers.

The latest : Wibole is currently using the research and data developed by TVL to raise equity capital. The company has also been in contact with various cellular carriers and wireless chip companies to investigate potential strategic partnerships.