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The founders of nCarbon, Inc. invented a new form of carbon while working at the University of Texas at Austin. The new material is a three dimensional, porous structure with walls that are a single-atom thick. It has extraordinarily high surface area per unit weight. This revolutionary material, nCarbonTM, is ideal for supercapacitor electrodes and enables a 3X improvement in the amount of energy that can be stored. nCarbon, Inc. is commercializing this material by manufacturing and selling advanced electrodes to existing supercapacitor manufacturers. Our electrodes will enable the world's lightest, most powerful supercapacitors. The improved performance of the supercapacitors will result in a reduction in the cost of electrical energy storage and a more rapid adoption of this technology in the automotive space to improve fuel efficiency and acceleration.

How TVL Helped: TVL helped nCarbon better understand their competitive landscape.  Students also helped determine fundraising strategies and how much funding the company needs to raise.