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Venture Expo

Venture Expo is a semi-annual showcase of "Investor-Ready" start-ups from The University of Texas at Austin and Central Texas.The companies include all current (and some former) TVL Accelerator members as well as other select companies. Some of the companies come from the Austin Technology Incubator and the Office of Technology Commercialization.

Venture Expo is held during December and May of each year. Attendance typically ranges between 400 to 500 investors, entrepreneurs, and students. Additional details will be posted below as they become available. For the most up-to-date details subscribe to our newsletter.

Attend Venture Expo

The next Venture Expo will be held on Friday, December 5, 2014 at the AT&T Executive Conference Center Amphitheater. You can register for the event here.

    Get Involved as a Start-up

    We do not currently have an open application process for presenting at Venture Expo. Please visit our TVL Accelerator page if interested in joining and presenting at Venture Expo.

    Invest at Venture Expo

    Whether you are an angel investor or institutional investor, we're happy to introduce you to any of our current or former companies. Please feel free to email us directly with questions.

    Sponsorship and Media Inquiries

    If you are interested in sponsoring Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs, through the donation of either in-kind services or a gift, we would be happy to discuss our program in greater detail. Please email us with inquiries on media or sponsorship.

    Sponsorship, Media, or General Inquiry

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