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The Business Plans and Videos Modules are intended for use by students and faculty advisers of universities participating in this year's Global Venture Labs Investment Competition only. The password for viewing the business plans has recently been changed. If you qualify, contact Ann Whitt at for the new password.   

Finalists, 2009 Global Moot Corp Competition

Novophage Therapeutics - Global Champion

Novophage Therapeutics provides a novel approach to combat antibiotics-resistant infections by combining our engineered bacteriophages with antibiotics.
Novophage Business Plan

Tears for Life - First Runner-up

Tears for Life is a medical diagnostic equipment company developing a tear test kit that screens women for breast cancer using proteins found in tears.
Tears for Life Business Plan

necoPlastics - Second Runner-up

necoPlastics will utilize a patented technology to recycle mixed-waste plastic types 3-7 along with high-carbon fly ash to create a recycled plastic resin.
necoPlastics Business Plan

Tetra One Source - Third Runner-up

Tetra One Source markets a patented formulation of environmentally friendly raw materials that attract and bind to toxic heavy metals in soil and liquid solutions.
Tetra One Business Plan

Finalists, 2008 Global Moot Corp Competition

NeuroBank - Global Champion

NeuroBank is an early-stage life science company focused on the storage of adult neural stem cells for individuals with and without neurologic disease.
NeuroBank Business Plan
NeuroBank Video

Klymit - First Runner-up

Klymit's product: “The Holy Grail of Insulation”, is revolutionizing the outdoor gear and apparel industry. Klymit's vision: becoming the world leader in noble gas technology.
Klymit Business Plan
Klymit Video

OvaGuard - Third Runner-up

OvaGuard is a patented natural egg coating technology. Disease outbreaks require the $177B egg industry to implement the washing and coating of eggs. OvaGuard offers breakthroughs in safety and performance. OvaGuard is a patented natural egg coating technology. Disease outbreaks require the $177B egg industry to implement the washing and coating of eggs. OvaGuard offers breakthroughs in safety and performance.
OvaGuard Business Plan
OvaGuard  Video

Finalists, 2007 Global Moot Corp Competition

Omega Sensors- Global Champion

Omega Sensors is an OEM supplier of market disruptive accelerometer technology. Applications include seismic imaging, navigation, industrial monitoring and more.
Omega Sensors Business Plan
Omega Sensors Video

Power Prawns - First Runner-up

Power Prawns uses a specialized technology to breed the most sought-after larger 100% male offspring prawns. They can produce them cheaper, faster and with greater yields than competitors.
Power Prawns Business Plan
Power Prawns Video

Endoways – Trocamera - Second Runner-up

TrocameraTM is a new, low cost, patented device which will make laparoscopy the preferred diagnostic tool for abdominal pain in Latin American hospitals.
Trocamera Business Plan
Trocamera Video

Mullis Enterprises - Third Runner-up

Mullis Enterprises offers highly effective, people, pet and environmentally friendly products to control pests and alleviate the pollution threats posed by current household insecticides.
Mullis Business Plan
Mullis Video

Finalists, 2006 Global Moot Corp Competition

NeuroLife Noninvasive Solutions - Global Champion

NeuroLife Noninvasive Solutions will commercialize the world's first noninvasive intracranial pressure (ICP) diagnostic device. NeuroLife offers a faster, safer and easier way to measure ICP noninvasively through the patient’s eye.
NeuroLife Business Plan
NeuroLife Video

Strong Data Corp. - First Runner-up

StrongData develops portable, secure identification technology for financial institutions (next-generation credit cards) and other markets.
Strong Data Business Plan
Strong Data Video

AquaSiam - Second Runner-up

AquaSiam will solve the problem of untreated industrial wastewater, initially in the pulp and paper industry. AquaSiam will promote continuous improvement in environmentally sustainable industrial practices and greater social responsibilities in environmental protection.
AquaSiam Business Plan
AquaSiam Video

Nudleman - Third Runner-up

NudlemanTM provides high quality, fast-served Asian-styled meals, based on a central theme of noodles. Nudleman has a flexible degree of customization to suit the purchaser’s tastes.
Nudleman Business Plan
Nudleman Video

Finalists, 2005 Global Moot Corp Competition

Idyll Life - Global Champion

Idyll Life introduces pure lite, a natural zero calories sweetener that is FDA approved, 300 times sweeter than sugar and ready for introduction to the market.
Idyll Life Business Plan
Idyll Life Video 

StyleHigh - First Runner-Up

StyleHigh is the first made-to-order personalized apparel and merchandise vendor to the high school, middle school and elementary school market.
StyleHigh Business Plan
StyleHigh Video 

Spark Biotech - Semifinalist

Spark Biotech develops orally delivered formulations of Biologic drugs. Spark's lead drug is an oral, glucose sensitive formulation of Insulin - Sparkulin.
Spark Biotech Business Plan
Spark Biotech Video

PharmaSilk Company - Semifinalist

PharmaSilk will develop and commercialize pharmaceutical products derived from silk. FibroCure has cell regeneration properties well-suited for the treatment of deep and chronic wounds such as bedsores, ulcers, burns, surgical wounds and trauma wounds.
PharmaSilk Business Plan
PharmaSilk Video

Mi Viejita USA - Semifinalist

Mi Viejita USA is a manufacturer of seven authentic Mexican food products in a dehydrated form, targeted to Mexicans living in the U.S.
Mi Viejita Business Plan
Mi Viejita Video  

A-Gro Solutions - Semifinalist

A-Gro Solutions introduces a patented new agricultural sprayer that reduces fertilizer/pesticide costs by 50% and boosts crop yield by 22% in the $6 Billion Thai rice market.M
A-Gro Business Plan
A-Gro Video 

Spark Parking - Semifinalist

Spark Parking uses patent-pending wireless technology to reshape the economics of parking facility management. Their low cost, high margin service is compelling to owners and drivers alike.
Spark Parking Business Plan
Spark Parking Video

Alianza - Semifinalist

Alianza provides Voice over Internet Protocol communications solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Mexico and around the world.
Alianza Business Plan
Alianza Video

PillowVue - Semifinalist

The PillowVue is a bedtime big screen projector providing a 100cm picture to the ceiling above from a small projection unit on your bedside table.
PillowVue Business Plan
PillowVue Video

Bigfoot Networks - Semifinalist

Bigfoot Networks is a gaming network hardware company that sells speed to online gamers. Bigfoot Networks' products will deliver a Faster than Life gaming experience.
Bigfoot Business Plan
Bigfoot Video

Finalists, 2004 Global Moot Corp® Competition

EANeedle - Global Champion

EANeedle offers a safe, minimally invasive biopsy procedure and serves as a catalyst for early cancer detection. Initially positioned for breast and lung biopsy procedures, it uses circular ultrasonic energy with thin, flexible interchangeable needles to obtain high quality tissue samples.
EANeedle Business Plan
EANeedle Video 

Clear Count Medical Solutions - First Runner-Up

Clear Count will revolutionize the way millions of surgical sponges are counted and tracked each day in operating rooms around the world.
Clear Count Business Plan
Clear Count Video

Neuronetrix - Finalist

Neuronetrix is developing the first system to screen newborns for dyslexia. The addressable market exceeds $500 million per year. Neuronetrix seeks $1.75 million for commercialization.
Neuronetrix Business Plan
Neurontrix Video

Nutri-Loc Corp- Finalist

Nutri-Loc Corp is poised to commercialize patented microwave technology to replace the costly and time-consuming freeze-drying process for dried food industries, with higher quality output.
Nutri-Loc Business Plan
Nutri-Loc Video

Finalists, 2003 Global Moot Corp® Competition

KidSmart - Global Champion

KidSmart Corporation has developed a new, patented vocal smoke detector that will significantly reduce the number of deaths and injuries to children during residential fires.
KidSmart Business Plan
KidSmart Video

Organic Energy Systems - First Runner-up

Organic Energy Systems capitalizes on global initiatives for clean energy by making and marketing economical and environmentally-friendly distributed energy systems using next-generation biomass fuel technologies.
Organic Energy Systems Business Plan
Organic Energy Systems Video

BioPharma - Second Runner-up

BioPharma manufactures and markets PerioCure invented by a Thai research team. PerioCure, an affordable, effective alternative to imported antibotics, is used in the treatment of periodontal disease.
BioPharma Business Plan
BioPharma Video

Aqua Essence - Finalist

Aqua Essence is a low-cost, easy-to-use and environmentally sound arsenic removal solution that exceeds the regulatory requirement and protects communities from arsenci in drinking water.
Aqua Essence Business Plan
Aqua Essence Video

SoftStitch - Finalist

SoftStitch software will inspire creativity and enable consumers to design their own needlecraft patterns using a simple, quick and enjoyable software tool.
SoftStitch Business Plan
SoftStitch Video

Finalists, 2002 Global Moot Corp® Competition

Private Concepts - Global Champion

Private Concepts develops and commercializes home-based healthcare products for women. The company's first product is a self-administered cervical cancer screen.
Private Concepts Business Plan
Private Concepts Video

Aqua Vita Enterprises - First Runner-up

Aqua Vita Enterprises will market and distribute a patented new drug called Aqua Vitae that temporarily boosts the systems of fish, thereby both curing and preventing a wide variety of fish disease.
Aqua Vita Business Plan
Aqua Vitae Video

Xoran - Finalist

Xoran will satisfy the need for small and inexpensive cat scanners with its innovative "MiniCat" scanner designed for in-house use in medical specialty practices.
Xoran Business Plan
Xoran Video

AutoShop - Finalist

The AutoShop will offer boys aged 7 -12 a unique retail entertainment experience where they select, customize and build their own personalized toy cars.
AutoShop Business Plan
AutoShop Video

Roving Planet - Finalist

Roving Planet designs innovative middleware that allows companies to use their wireless LANS for everything from customer service to operations. The CSD engine manages multiple applications running over a wireless LAN.
Roving Planet Business Plan
Roving Planet Video

Finalists, 2001 Global Moot Corp® Competition

Micell Integrated Systems - Global Champion

Micell Integrated Systems is engaged in developing new manufacturing equipment for the microelectronics and MEMS industries based on its CO2 intellectual property.
Micell Integrated Systems Business Plan
Micell Video

Imago Scientific Instruments - First Runner-up

Imago Scientific Instruments has developed a proprietary "Local Electrode Atom Probe," a three-dimensional microscope that fills a critical need in the semiconductor industry and other markets that rely on nanotechnology.
Imago Business Plan
Imago Video

ADHD Interactive Technologies - Internet Champion

ADHD Interactive Technologies will develop and market a family of computer games specifically designed for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The games will enhance the underdeveloped cognitive skills.
ADHD Business Plan
ADHD Video

Digital Film Distribution - Finalist

Digital Film Distribution installs fiber optic and DS1 lines inside movie theatres and provides the necessary hardware and software to receive, store and project in high-definition digital film format.
Digital Film Business Plan
Digital Film Video

Watermark Technologies - Finalist

Watermark Technologies owns the rights to a scientifically proven and patented water treatment technology that has applications in water, oil, marine and swimming pool industries.
Watermark Business Plan
Watermark Video


SportsTek has a revolutionary new golf grip design that significantly reduces the shock and vibration felt from impact with the ball or the ground.
SportsTek Business Plan
SportsTek Video

Finalists, 2000 Moot Corp® Competition

Manufacturing Beverage Appliances - Global Champion

Challenging benchmarks in the beverage appliance sector, Manufacturing Beverage Appliances (2MBA) manufactures and markets innovative beverage equipment products to corporate owners of major brands.
2MBA Business Plan
2MBA Video

Global Risk Exchange - Internet Champion

Global Risk Exchange is an Internet-based service providing the world's most efficient distribution and management system for financial risk transactions.
Global Risk Exchange Business Plan
Global Risk Exchange Video

Chaps - Finalist

Chaps is an Internet service company that will offer to the academic and business communities copies of a vast variety of book chapters in a digital format.
Chaps Business Plan
Chaps Video - Finalist is a global online marketplace for marine and agricultural commodities. They provide all related services to execute the trade and delivery of these goods. Business Plan Video

Cardiac Mapping Systems - Finalist

Cardiac Mapping Systems is commercializing new technologies that will forever alter medical science. The first is Prime 80L ECG, a system that will accurately predict the onset of a heart attack.
Cardiac Mapping Systems Business Plan
Cardiac Mapping Systems Video

Finalists, 1999 Moot Corp® Competition

Fabrica Co., Ltd. - World Champion

Fabrica is a provider of woven fabric samples from the KS Loom, which gives buyers the chance to see the actual colors and feel the precise texture of what they desire in less than one-tenth the time usually required for making samples with a production weaving machine.
Fabrica Business Plan
Fabrica Video

Vusion, Inc. - First Runner-up

Vusion is developing a chemical analyzer and sensor cartridge, based upon the Electronic Tongue technology, which can instantly analyze complex chemical solutions.
Vusion Business Plan
Vusion Video

JetFan Technology Ltd. - Second Runner-up

JetFan was established to develop and manufacture commercial applications for an innovative fan-blade technology.
JetFan Business Plan
JetFan Video

Finalists, 1998 Moot Corp® Competition

Bio-Pet Technologies - World Champion

Bio-Pet Technologies develops and markets innovative veterinary pharmaceuticals to provide vets and animal shelters safe and cost-effective alternatives to conventional surgical sterilization procedures.
Bio-Pet Business Plan
Bio-Pet Video

Purasoy - First Runner-up

Purasoy Farms enters the world market for the production of organic, light-hilum soybeans on a contract basis for U.S., Japanese and Canadian processors.
Purasoy Business Plan
Purasoy Video

Highwired Network, Inc. - Finalist

The Highwired Network has created an intuitive, web-based tool that allows high school teachers and students to publish customized, on-line school newspapers at zero cost.
Highwired Business Plan
Highwired Video

Isochron Data, LLC - Finalist

Isochron Data developed wireless technologies that allow companies to monitor and gather data from their equipment in the field on a real-time basis. The company's primary goal is to be the low-cost provider of wireless data capture technology and information services.
Isochron Business Plan
Isochron Video

Finalists, 1997 Moot Corp® Competition

BioGel, Inc. - World Champion

BioGel manufactures and markets superior pain and stress-relieving silicone gel products. The launch product is the Power Paw computer wrist rest to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
BioGel Business Plan
BioGel Video

Invasive Plant Control, LLC - First Runner-up

Invasive Plant Control offers plant removal and consulting services to eradicate and control exotic plant infestations throughout the United States.
Invasive Business Plan
Invasive Video

Angara Database Systems - Second Runner-up

Angara Database Systems is commercializing a proprietary, in-memory database architecture that serves as the foundation for high performance, content-rich intranet, Internet and client-server applications.
Angara Business Plan
Angara Video

Winner, 1996 Moot Corp® Competition

EcoClear, Inc. - World Champion

EcoClear developed an innovative self-cleaning water filtration technology and plans to expand their market.
Ecoclear Business Plan
EcoClear Video

Winner, 1995 Moot Corp® Competition

True Dimensions, Inc. - World Champion

True Dimensions manufactures and markets ultra-contemporary, ergonomic furnishings and is looking for funding to expand their market.
True Dimensions Business Plan
True Dimensions Video

Winner, 1994 Moot Corp® Competition

Breeze Technology, Inc. - World Champion

Breeze Technology has designed a new athletic shoe that is air-cooled with both cost and performance advantages over existing products. The Business Plan documents a strategy for licensing the technology to existing manufacturers.
Breeze Technology Business Plan
Breeze Technology Video

Finalists, 1993 Moot Corp® Competition

Independence Marine - World Champion

Independence Marine has completed production, tooling and field testing of products that aid in environmentally sustainable harvest of ocean resources. They are seeking capital for production ramp and marketing.
Independence Marine Business Plan
Independence Marine Video

Ampersand Art Supply - Finalist

Ampersand Art Supply develops, manufactures and markets innovative products for professional artists. The company's initial product, Claybord, is a new surface for artists working in various media.
Ampersand Art Business Plan
Ampersand Art Video

Winner, 1992 Moot Corp® Competition

Expert Application Systems, Inc. - World Champion

Expert Application Systems develops packaged software systems for growth markets and needs capital for market expansion.
Expert Application Systems Business Plan
Expert Application Systems Video