Corporate Relations

Corporate and Foundation Relations

The Corporate and Foundation Relations team facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between corporate and foundation partners and the McCombs School, connecting organizations with:


Students are the McCombs School’s greatest asset, providing companies with highly motivated and well-trained graduates ready to enter the fast-paced business world. The McCombs School offers opportunities for corporations to engage with students through scholarships, executive speakers, student organization events, and recruiting.


Faculty expertise and research distinguishes the McCombs School as one of the top business schools in the country. Companies have the opportunity to work closely with nationally recognized faculty through classroom speaking and research collaboration, drawing on their unique academic perspective. At the same time, faculty value corporate insight into the shifting trends in industry and business practice.

Research Centers

To develop and encourage innovative students and faculty, the McCombs School houses several research centers of excellence. These centers have close ties to industry and better enable interaction between faculty, students, and corporate partners through activities such as advisory board meetings, practice, classroom speaking, and student events. McCombs research centers also provide a forum for identifying, researching, and disseminating best practices.

Priority Initiatives

The McCombs School offers its partners innovative opportunities to enhance our students’ academic experience through priority initiatives. Organizations can participate in these initiatives which support the dean’s strategic plan for the school, such as students’ leadership development and diversity-focused programming.

Page last updated: 7/14/2016