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Departments | Finance


BARRA Global Investment Technology:  BARRA provides innovative analytical models, software and services that enable clients worldwide to make superior investment and trading decisions.

ECONData: A Source of Economic Time Series Data from Inforum, at the University of Maryland.

Internet Multicasting Service WWW Site:  EDGAR (the SEC's Online Database of Corporate Filings), Federal Reserve Board Data, and data from the U.S. Patent Office data are available here.

J. P. Morgan's Home Page:  J.P. Morgan is an investment banking firm that provides financial services to corporations, governments, financial institutions, institutional investors, private firms, nonprofit groups, and     wealthy individuals around the world. Access to J.P. Morgan's RiskMetrics financial risk management methodology and datasets is provided by clicking here.

Merrill Lynch

Ohio State University's Finance Data Summary:  This page points to a summary of data used in finance research on WWW and in other places.

QuoteCom:  QuoteCom is dedicated to bringing quality financial market data to the Internet community, including information such as stock price quotes, quotes on all domestic stock and commodity exchanges, mutual and money market funds, business news, fundamental data, market analysis and commentary.

Stockmaster: (formerly MIT Experimental Stock Market Page)

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange's Home Page:  The CME Home Page provides background and product information, volume &    membership-price information and charts, for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Also published here is the CME Model for Federal Financial Regulation, a proposal for streamlining government oversight of financial institutions.

TIAA-CREF:   The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund Home Page