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Job Market Candidates

Sophia Yue Sun

Sophia Yue Sun is a doctoral candidate in Finance at the University of Texas at Austin. Sophia received her undergraduate degree summa cum laude from Baylor University, double-majoring in Finance and Economics. Her current research strives to understand learning effects in financial markets and the linkage between market efficiency and real efficiency. Her job market paper provides a theoretical model and empirical evidence regarding the real effects on corporations of customer learning from stock prices. She also has a working paper, coauthored with Laura Starks, which studies the effects of economic policy uncertainty on investor learning about mutual fund managerial ability. This paper is Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Finance. More broadly, Sophia is interested in topics related to corporate finance, financial markets, and institutional investors. She has experience teaching corporate finance to undergraduate students.

Parth Venkat

Parth Venkat is currently a PhD student at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. He received his bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics & Management as well as Biology from the California Institute of Technology in 2005. His research focuses on mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and labor market outcomes, and socially responsible investing. Prior to joining McCombs Business School in 2011, he spent 6 years as a consultant for Charles River Associates.

Adam Winegar

Adam Winegar is a doctoral candidate in Finance at the University of Texas at Austin. Adam received his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College, majoring in Economics. Prior to beginning his PhD. program, Adam was a senior research analyst for an economic consulting firm. His current research focuses primarily on the interaction of private equity and entrepreneurship. Adam’s job market paper develops and tests a theoretical model that examines the effects that changes to the supply of venture capital have on the types of startups that receive funding. He also has a working paper, coauthored with Mark Jansen, that empirically examines the premium for private business located in geographic areas with high levels of amenities. Adam has another working paper, coauthored with Fernando Anjos, that gives a theoretical explanation for how firms can use derivatives to signal private information about their future prospects. He is broadly interested in topics related to corporate finance, private equity, and entrepreneurship. Adam has experience teaching investments to undergraduate students and providing teaching assistance for investments     and risk management to graduate students.

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