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Chevron Helps Fund iOS Development Lab

With Chevron's help, MIS offers an iOS Development Lab

Chevron Lab Computer

Thanks to the continued generous support of Chevron we’re excited to announce that iOS app development will become the latest of many other new additions to the reinvented MIS 365 class.Chevron Logo The Connectivity Lab has recently been outfitted with a fleet of new top-of-the-line Apple computers that will be used in the lab for a myriad of uses, including iOS development. Chevron has been a great steward for the program and has already committed $25,000 to the IM Program as continued support for the upcoming school year, making them a Platinum-level Sponsor for 2013-2014. The lab will primarily become a resource for the MIS 365 classwork but also as a collaborative space for teams to work on labs and projects together. 

"In our newly enhanced MIS 365 elective, students are exposed to a variety of technologies and architectures. This includes networking technologies, web/app servers, the LAMP stack, cloud computing, virtualization, security, OOP, XML, big/NoSQL data options including Hadoop, distributed version control, computer telephony integration, JavaScript/HTML5, and mobile computing with iOS. Within mobile computing, we hope to contrast HTML5, hybrid, and native app development. We will also cover MVC in this context. Lastly, we will work on mobile application development that uses data management, networking, and internet core libraries."   -Josh Rock, Lecturer