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GBTG Innovation and Business Event

GBTG Hosts Speakers on Topic of Innovation and Business

On March 22, GBTG hosted a series of speakers from Google, PayPal, and Facebook to discuss innovation at their businesses. Over 60 MBA students and faculty members attended the event. Paypal presentation to GBTG.

Edward Doan, from Google, spoke about how Chromebooks are making it easier to encourage learning among various communities. Later, Jeff Loman and his colleagues from Paypal unveiled a unique virtual shopping pod to illustrate how consumers in future will shop and make payments using mobile devices. Finally, Jeanine Henry and Sean Baughman from Facebook discussed how Facebook approaches privacy concerns and uses innovative tools to prevent child exploitation.

The Graduate Business Technology Group (GBTG) engages all students interested in innovation and technology at McCombs School of Business. It provides educational, career, and networking opportunities for students interested in the high-tech sector or business areas strategically impacted by information technology. GBTG also works with the faculty and administration of McCombs School of Business to formulate a world class curriculum for students interested in careers with high-tech companies or in the Information Management concentration through the McCombs MBA.

---Article by GBTG President Pranay Kamat

Page last updated: 5/30/2013