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About IROM

IROM Rankings


  • #4 Management Information Systems, U.S. News (2012)
  • #6 Supply Chain Management, Gartner (2011)
  • #7 (tie) Insurance/Risk Management, U.S. News (2012)
  • #11 (tie) Productions/Operations Management, U.S. News (2012)
  • #11 Quantitative Analysis, U.S. News (2012)
  • #15 Supply Chain Management/Logistics, U.S. News (2012)


  • #4 Information Systems, U.S. News (2012)
  • #11 Productions/Operations, U.S. News (2012)
  • #15 Supply Chain Management, U.S. News (2012)
  • #15 Supply Chain Management, Gartner (2011)

The Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management (IROM) consists of three academic disciplines: Information Management, Operations Management and Risk Analysis and Decision Making. The IROM Department has several outstanding and nationally ranked programs including the Undergraduate Management Information Systems program (ranked #4 by U.S. News and World Report), the MBA Information Management program (#4 by U.S. News and #5 by the Wall Street Journal), the Undergraduate Supply Chain Management program (#6 by Gartner) and the MBA Productions/Operations Management program (#11 by U.S. News).

The IROM Department highly values both research and teaching. This is reflected by the fact that five of its faculty members are in the University of Texas Academy of Distinguished Teachers and by the numerous university teaching awards won by its faculty. In terms of research, the department (then known as the MSIS Department) was ranked #2 in the nation by an INFORMS study measuring research productivity in the period 1990-2000 and the journal Decision Line listed three of the department’s faculty members as among the 30 most productive researchers in the field of information systems. The department’s faculty also has strong ties with industry and is actively engaged in joint research projects with a wide variety of firms.