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John Allison

John Allison
CBA 5.246 (-471-9435)
CBA 5.202 (-471-3322)


Business, Government and Society


Allison, John R. Mary John and Ralph Spence Centennial Professor of Business Administration, Department of Business, Government and Society. John Allison received his J.D. from Baylor University with highest honors and was Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review. His primary research interests include the empirical study of patents, patent systems, and patent litigation. His primary teaching interests include patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks.


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John R. Allison and Mark A. Lemley. 2000. Who's Patenting What? An Empirical Exploration of Patent Prosecution. Vanderbilt Law Review 53, 2099-2174.
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John R. Allison. 1996. How Accommodating Do You Have to Be? Across the Board 33, 43-48.
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John R. Allison. 1995. Rule-Making Accuracy in the NCAA and its Member Institutions: Do Their Decisional Structures and Processes Promote Educational Primacy for the Student-Athlete. University of Kansas Law Review 44, 1-60.
Lianlian Lin and John R. Allison. 1994. An Analysis of Expropriation and Nationalization Risk in China. Yale Journal of International Law 19, 135-186.
John R. Allison and Robert A. Prentice. 1994. Business Law: Text and Cases in the Regulatory Environment, 6th Edition. Fort Worth, TX: The Dryden Press.
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John R. Allison. 1993. Combinations of Decision-Making Functions, Ex Parte Communications, and Related Biasing Influences: A Process Value Analysis. Utah Law Review 37, 1135-1223.
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John R. Allison. 1991. The Role of Law in the Business School Curriculum. Journal of Legal Studies Education 33, 239-264.
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John R. Allison. 1990. Five Ways to Keep Disputes Out of Court. Harvard Business Review 68, 166-177.
John R. Allison and Dennis L. Thomas. 1990. Telecommunications Deregulation: Market Power and Cost Allocation Issues. New York, NY: Quorum Books.
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John R. Allison. 1987. Discussion of Pickens, U.S. Shareholders: Are the Rights & Interests of Stockholders Being Represented by Their Boards of Directors?, in Toward the Year 2000: ITT Key Issues Lecture Series 1986, New York, NY: ITT Corporation, 119-131.
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John R. Allison. 1973. Protection of Performance Rights to "Jesus Christ Superstar": The Dramatic-Nondramatic Dilemma. Performing Arts Review 4, 13-32.
John R. Allison. 1971. The Resurrection of the Civil Rights Act of 1866: Its Effect Upon Modern Legislation and Current Litigation. Baylor Law Review 23, 277-287.
John R. Allison. 1970. Application of Breach of Warranty to Wrongful Death Statutes: Conflict Between Archaic Legal Concepts and a Sense of Justice. Baylor Law Review 22, 384-403.

Professional Awards

Ralph C. Hoeber Award for Excellence in Research, article in American Business Law Journal1995

Teaching Awards

Outstanding Faculty Member, MSSTC Program, IC2 Institute2004