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Dain Donelson

Dain Donelson
CBA 4M.234 (512-232-3733)

Assistant Professor



Dain Donelson and Robert A. Prentice. Scienter Pleading and Rule 10b-5: Empirical Analysis and Behavioral Implications. Case Western Reserve Law Review, forthcoming.
Dain Donelson, John M McInnis, and Richard D. Mergenthaler. 2013. Discontinuities and Earnings Management: Evidence from Restatements Related to Securities Litigation. Contemporary Accounting Research 30(1), 242-268.
Dain Donelson. 2013. The Potential for Catastrophic Auditor Litigation. American Law & Economic Review 15(1), 333-380.
Dain Donelson, John M McInnis, and R. Mergenthaler. 2012. Rules-Based Accounting Standards and Litigation. The Accounting Review 87(4), 1247-1279.
Dain Donelson and Robert Resutek. 2012. The Effect of R&D on Future Returns and Earnings Forecasts. Review of Accounting Studies 17(4), 848-876.
Dain Donelson, John M McInnis, R. Mergenthaler, and Yong Yu. 2012. The Timeliness of Bad Earnings News and Litigation Risk. The Accounting Review 87(6), 1967-1991.
Dain Donelson, Ross Jennings, and John M McInnis. 2011. Changes over Time in the Revenue-Expense Relation: Accounting or Economics? The Accounting Review 86(3), 945-974.
Dain Donelson and D. Zaring. 2011. Requiem for a Regulator: The Office of Thrift Supervision's Performance during the Financial Crisis. North Carolina Law Review 89(5), 1777-1813.
F. B. Cross and Dain Donelson. 2010. Creating Quality Courts. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 7(3), 490-510.
Robert A. Prentice and Dain Donelson. 2010. Insider Trading as a Signaling Device. American Business Law Journal 47(1), 1-73.

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