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Douglas Fearing, A. Raman, and G. A. Donovan. 2013. Beijing's Terminal 3: Building a New Gateway to China. Harvard Business School Case 613-051.
C. Barnhart, Douglas Fearing, A. Odoni, and V. Vaze. 2012. Demand and Capacity Management in Air Transportation. EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics 1(1-2), 135-155.
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Douglas Fearing, J. Acimovic, and S. Graves. 2011. How to Catch a Tiger: Understanding Putting Performance on the PGA Tour. Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sport 7(1).
Douglas Fearing and R. S. Huckman. 2011. JetBlue Airways: Deicing at Logan Airport. Harvard Business School Case 612-028.

Professional Awards

Alpha Award for Best Research Paper, MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference2013
Runner Up for Best Industry Studies Paper Award, Industry Studies Association2013
INFORMS Aviation Applications Section Dissertation Prize2011
MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics UPS Ph.D. Fellowship2009
Anna Valicek Award for Best Student Paper in Airline Operations Research, AGIFORS2009

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