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Shimon Kogan

Shimon Kogan
GSB 5.159 (512-232-6839)

Assistant Professor



Bruce Ian Carlin, Shimon Kogan, and Richard Lowery. 2013. Trading Complex Assets. Journal of Finance 68(5), 1937-1960.
Thomas Gilbert, Shimon Kogan, Lars Lochstoer, and Ataman Ozyildirim. 2012. Investor Inattention and the Market Impact of Summary Statistics. Management Science 58(2), 336-350.
Shimon Kogan, Anthony Kwasnica, and Roberto Weber. 2011. Coordination in the Presence of Asset Markets. American Economic Review 101(2), 927-947.
Shimon Kogan and John Morgan. 2010. Securities Auctions under Moral Hazard: An Experimental Study. Review of Finance 14(3), 477-520.
Shimon Kogan. 2009. Distinguishing the Effect of Overconfidence from Rational Best-Response on Information Aggregation. Review of Financial Studies 22(5), 1889-1914.
Shimon Kogan, Dimitry Levin, Bryan Routledge, Jacob Sagi, and Noah Smith. 2009. Predicting Risk from Financial Reports with Regression. Boulder, Colorado: North American Association for Computational Linguistics Human Language Technologies Conference.