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Timothy Werner. Gaining Access by Doing Good: The Effect of Sociopolitical Reputation on Firm Participation in Public Policymaking. Management Science, forthcoming.
Timothy Werner and John J. Coleman. 2015. Citizens United, Independent Expenditures, and Agency Costs: Reexamining the Political Economy of State Antitakeover Statutes. Journal of Law, Economics & Organization 31(1), 127-159.
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Professional Awards

Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Award for Outstanding Research in Social Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison2009
Mildred Potter Hovland Article Prize, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison2009
Prestage-Cook Travel Award, Southern Political Science Assoc.2008
Murray Edelman Award, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison2006
Prestage-Cook Travel Award, Southern Political Science Assoc.2006