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Brian White

Brian White
CBA 4M.250 (512-471-5619)
Additional Titles:
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor



Anne M. Farrell, Joshua O. Goh, and Brian White. 2014. The Effect of Performance-Based Incentive Contracts on System 1 and System 2 Processing in Affective Decision Contexts: fMRI and Behavioral Evidence. The Accounting Review 89(6), 1979-2010.
W. Brooke Elliott, Kevin E. Jackson, Mark E. Peecher, and Brian White. 2014. The Unintended Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Performance on Investors' Estimates of Fundamental Value. The Accounting Review 89(1), 275-302.

Professional Awards

Outstanding Manuscript Award, AAA ABO Section2012
Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellow2011
Victor Bernard Memorial Scholar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign2011
AAA/Deloitte Foundation/J. Michael Cook Doctoral Consortium Fellow2011
Richard D. and Anne Marie Irwin Fellowship, College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign2010

Teaching Awards

College of Business Alumni Association Excellence-in-Teaching Award2010
Fred H. Figge Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award in Accountancy2009

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