Set Your Sights on The Bigger Picture

Success requires a distinctive point of view. Our renowned faculty deliver world-class perspectives through the lens of cutting edge research and practical application. Sharpen your focus via collaborative classes where you will learn from your peers as well as professors. Tackle your next endeavor with your sights set on The Bigger Picture.

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Graduate Level classes with lasting impact

Navigate the challenges and changes in your career with what you’ll learn in our high-impact, interactive classes taught by world-renowned faculty. Download our Spring 2016-Fall 2016 catalog.

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Government, Military, Small Business and Non-Profit

Let Texas Executive Education work with you. We offer special discounts and scholarships for military and government, as well as non-profit and small business.

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Competency Mapping

Wondering what class is right for you or your organization? Check out our Competency Map to find the perfect solution to match your professional development needs.

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Summer is the perfect time to spring forward.

With a new and diverse selection of summer offerings, you have more chances than ever to expand your horizons. Enroll now.

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Texas Enterprise Event: 3 Key Strategies of Effective Negotiators

Join us for this practicum on Friday, Sept. 16 with Associate Dean Gaylen Paulsen. We’ll review several core skills and concepts that differentiate experts from average negotiators. Then we will run an interactive simulation and have fun reviewing your decisions while identifying some keys to success that can be readily applied to future opportunities. Register today.

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Leading Change and Driving Innovative Thinking

Capitalize on change as an opportunity, while embracing transition as a catalyst for innovative thinking. Adapt to evolving competitive conditions and adjust to market shifts by fostering an innovative culture within your organization.

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Construction Industry Institute Executive Leadership Program

The Construction Industry Institute and Texas Executive Education continue their partnership to offer this world-class leadership program for executive candidates in the engineering and construction industry.

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“In today’s challenging economic environment, companies are rethinking their leadership development and business training programs. Texas Executive Education has delivered an exceptional alternative to an Executive MBA. Their cost-effective programs focus on important and necessary core concepts. I’ve utilized several negotiation tactics that have better prepared my team for highly successful outcomes in various business scenarios. Texas Executive Education has hit a home run!”

Joe Sauger
SVP, Engineering & Compliance Services
Buckeye Partners, L.P.

Advocacy, Influence and Power

Good ideas don’t sell themselves – they must be sold! Hear what our recent Advocacy, Influence and Power class attendees had to say about their experience with Texas Executive Education.

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Leading for Impact

As part of the Leading for Impact class, participants take part in the Leadership Reaction Course, a ground-based challenge course presenting teams with physical obstacles that require thought and innovation to navigate, learning both leadership and follower-ship skills.

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Alumni Networking

Texas Executive Education Alumni enjoy networking after classes and through mixers held throughout the year. A recent mixer was held at the Blanton Museum of Art on campus.

Today, we often hear that the only competitive advantage left to an organization is its ability to learn more quickly than its competitors. This is especially true for the team leaders who manage our most valuable asset: the people that make up our group. Through this program, we are offering our team leaders tools and skills to help them better envision their role as key players in our group’s success—today and in the years to come.”

EVP, Human Resources BBVA USA

“Across the board, Texas Executive Education exceeded my company’s and my own expectations. The caliber and expertise of the professors, the quality of the program, and the content of the lessons were all exceptional and greatly increased the value of the education we received.”

Jimmy Hock
Operations Enablement

95% of companies return within five years

#7 U.S., #15 Worldwide Custom Executive Programs, Businessweek

#6 U.S. Preferred for Executive Education, CEO Magazine

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