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“I chose to take courses at The University of Texas at Austin to keep up with the latest in business; there is no substitution for continued education. McCombs offers a great package with the courses, schedule and reputation. My program has very much met my needs with great course content and high-quality professors.

My grasp of the most current concepts in marketing, strategic-decision making and accounting enables Nestlé Waters increased speed to market, maximizing efficiencies and profitability. The skills allow a broader business perspective of the competitive challenges that face Nestlé Waters today and in the future.

Personal development is an important responsibility at Nestlé Waters, which plays a critical role in career advancement.”

Frank Mazzagatti 
Customer Development Manager, Houston 
Nestlé Waters North America

“I needed to enhance my business acumen after transitioning from an academic career to the corporate world. I chose the General Management Certificate program at the McCombs School because I wanted a diverse program that was broader than my background in pharmacy/health care. The ability to interact with business leaders from a wide variety of disciplines and at different stages of their careers was important to me.

The McCombs School’s top faculty attracted me to the program. The location in Austin and flexibility of scheduling and creating a customized course portfolio were most applicable to the skill set I was looking to build. The program provided invaluable skills for effectively leading teams, particularly virtual teams; a structured and thoughtful approach to negotiating complex issues and deals; and the ability to advocate ideas more effectively.

The program will clearly open more opportunities for me within the management career track.”

Dannielle O’Donnell, PharmD, BCPS, CDM 
Senior Medical Liaison, Primary Care 
Scientific Field Operations, Medical Affairs, 
Roche Labs

“I completed my last degree in 1980 (MSEE); and even though I had been getting on-the-job training over the years, I felt that it was time for me to update my education with the latest academic innovations in management.

My employer, Applied Materials, offers several individuals the opportunity to attend the Institute for Managerial Leadership at the McCombs School of Business each year. I was fortunate to be selected for the program.

The program truly met my needs. The instructors blended theory with real-world exercises that were relevant to business operations. My background is biased toward the technical side, so I didn’t have an appreciation for some of the finer points of marketing and advocating ideas. I also learned techniques for setting strategic direction and leading high powered worldwide teams.

The program will definitely have a positive impact on my career potential. The skills that I received in the Institute for Managerial Leadership program have made me more effective in a fast-paced, global business environment.”

Terry Knighton 
Director, AMO Etch Operations 
Applied Materials

“Today, we often hear that the only competitive advantage left to an organization is its ability to learn quicker than its competitors. This is especially true for the team leaders who manage our most valuable asset: the people that make up our group. Through this program, we are offering our team leaders tools and skills to help them better envision their role as key players in our group’s success—today and in the years to come.”

Antonio Ortiz 
EVP, Human Resources 

“It is always difficult taking time away from the business to attend training, but this development experience was well worth the investment of time.”

Debbie Dunnam 
Vice President and General Manager 

“The program strengthened our culture, giving directors and leaders a common experience and language. It has driven business success and become a platform for identifying growth projects. The experience helped us to identify talent as new leaders surfaced during the exercises.”

Leslie Wilemon 
Vice President, Human Resources 
Essilor of America

“For more than 10 years, the McCombs School of Business has demonstrated success in working in our corporate culture. The professors have a tremendous ability to translate theoretical concepts into real-world applications.”

Jeff Asmus 
Manager of Professional Development 
Texas Instruments

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